Knowing your IP-address, you can get a lot of information about you.

Your IP:

Status: success
↓ Reverse DNS:
Continent: North America
⇓ Continent Code: NA
Country: United States
Country Code: US
Currency: USD
Region: VA
RegionName: Virginia 🔔
City: Ashburn
↓✉↓ ZIP/Postal Code: 20149
Lat: 39.0438
Lon: -77.4874
Timezone: America/New_York
ISP:, Inc.
AS: AWS EC2 (us-east-1) AS14618, Inc. AMAZON-AES
Proxy: True
Mobile: False


What is Reverse DNS or Reverse DNS?

Reverse DNS or reverse DNS query is the operation of converting an IP address into a host name. Read more: What is PTR?

Two-character continent code

  • AF: Africa
  • AN: Antarctica
  • AS: Asia
  • EU: Europe
  • NA: North America
  • OC: Oceania
  • SA: South America
Read more in the table of names and codes of countries of the world according to ISO 3166 (ISO 3166-1)

What is ZIP/Postal Code?

Zip Code, Postal Code all these terms refer to the postal code used by the US Postal Service. Postal Code identifies the state and region of your address. In USA Postal Code has 5 or 9 digits. ZIP codes are used to help sort the mail faster and speed up delivery.

You can find Zip Codes / Postal Codes online on US Postal Service website:

In Canada, the same thing is called a Postal Code. They are 6-digit and include letters and numbers.