What to choose “Ukrainian hosting” or “hosting in Ukraine”?

The query “Ukrainian hosting” has an economic and legal meaning and implies that the service provider is a resident of Ukraine. He must be either a legal entity or a sole proprietorship. You can check this information on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and in the registry of single tax payers.

The query “hosting in Ukraine” has a technical meaning and implies the physical location of the servers on the territory of Ukraine. In this case, the service provider may not be a resident of Ukraine, but registered in Germany or Panama. Also, the request “hosting in Ukraine” implies that the equipment hosting service provider is connected to a single point of exchange of Ukrainian traffic (if not included, it is something strange – I will not comment). Leading points of traffic exchange (TOT) in Ukraine for 2021 are UA-IX and Giganet. Accordingly, you can check the hosting for membership in traffic exchange points. Or, at least, you should confirm in technical support inclusion in the TOT, if they are too lazy to write about it on their site.

Required information on Ukraine for the Webmaster Required information on Ukraine for the Webmaster

  • Country level (Global SDG Indicators): Tier 2
  • Only owners of Ukrainian trademarks or WIPO (WIPO), which names exactly match the domain name, can buy Ukrainian.UA, .УКР national top-level domain. Domain .укр is an internationalized top-level domain (IDN) for Ukraine. Registration in the .укр zone shows your site’s involvement with Ukrainian culture.
  • Official languages: Ukrainian
  • Currency: hryvnia, ₴, UAH
  • Phone code: +380
  • Time zone: UTC+2, summer UTC+3

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Cityhost - Ukrainian website hosting with a reasonable price. Technical support 24/7. Daily backup (1 copy). Promocode PromoU417239 10% discount on the first order for new customers. Advanced services Cityhost: SMS - mailing for online stores, CallBack service, free client consultations on search engine optimization, programming, PR, marketing and advertising.
Data center:
Price range for shared hosting plans:
$2.32 - 14
Recommended minimum price for 1 Wordpress site:
Test period:
Test period for shared hosting.
10 days
Professional support CMS:
1 2

Who really needs hosting in Ukraine?

You should think about buying hosting in Ukraine if your website or an online store for residents of Ukraine. You definitely need a Ukrainian hosting if your employees are located in Ukraine and you need to provide them with a remote desktop, for example, to work with accounting programs.

  1. You have a highly visited online store.
  2. You need Backups, 1C:Accounting or Bitrix24 in the cloud. For more information about cloud problems and their solutions, see GMhost.

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Showing 1–6 of 9 results