The location of your site’s hosting servers is one of the important factors when choosing a hosting provider. The best solution, but not mandatory, is to locate your personal project on a server in the region where the main target audience of your site is located.

Necessary information about Kazakhstan for Webmaster Necessary information about Kazakhstan for Webmaster

  • Уровень развития страны (Global SDG Indicators): Tier 2
  • Buy national top-level domain of Kazakhstan .KZ KZ is the top-level domain for Kazakhstan, a large country on the border of Asia and Europe. Kazakhstan’s economy is actively developing and doing business in its territory can be very profitable. For this reason, buying a kz domain will be the right decision.
  • Official languages: Kazakh
  • Currency: tenge (KZT)
  • Phone Code: +78
  • Time Zone: UTC+5 и UTC+6

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