Free hosting

Free hosting is a service that allows a user to host a website or other user information (text, images, video) for free on the Internet on a hosting provider’s server.

Free hosting is suitable for beginners who want to understand how to place their project on the Internet, publish personal pages or just experimenting.

Limitations of free hosting

The main disadvantage of free hosting is the lack of any guarantees. After all, the site does not belong to you. The hoster can not just add ads to the site, but even to block the site or delete it. For example, in the study of free offers, I came across one hoster inscription in very small letters “Auto-delete after 1 month”. Nothing of value stored on free hosting – you can not! Do your own backups.

The possibility of free hosting is usually cut down on the paid options, for example:

  • Forced advertising.
  • Restriction on the number of site views.
  • Small disk space.
  • You can’t use mail.
  • Third level domain only.

Free hosting may not suit the technical requirements of your site, as it is likely to have technical, system limitations, such as scripts.

Marketing Free Hosting Forever

Why marketing? Because it serves to replenish the customer base for further transfer to a paid rate. The free hoster is not selfless, he wants to make a profit. This translates into the fact that your site may appear in the form of advertising banners, contextual ads or hidden links and so on.

I have researched many options for free hosting forever, in fact, almost no one has this service in 2024. Below I have selected 2 suggestions that will more or less work.

Free Hosting from Hostinger
➕Domain free third level, the species:

➕ Site: 1

➕Disk space: 300 MB

➕ Yes technical support

➦ Visit site Hostinger

Free hosting from SprintHost
➕Domain free third level, the species:, where f000000 is your account login

➕ Site:  5

➕ Disk Space: 1000 MB (1GB)

➖ NO technical support

➦ Visit site SprintHost

I strongly recommend that you buy a cheap, but paid plan.  And always buy ➦domains separately from the hosting!

The best free website Hosting without ad

I’m in pleasant shock! ? HyperHost are ready to provide you with one of the rates of virtual ➦ hosting on a completely free basis. Several locations are available to host sites: Ukraine or Europe. Reliable data centers and high-speed SSD drives. Free hosting, as well as conventional shared hosting, supports all of the most current versions of PHP including the 7th and MySQL databases, all customers are available ftp-access. Servers can accommodate both small sites and serious projects using advanced technologies, such as python, django, ruby on rails and others.➦ Go to the site and test it!

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Showing all 3 results