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Low-cost VPS/VDS virtual servers in 37+ countries. Own hardware. Dedicated servers, Hi-CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7950X. 24/7 support (SLA 30 minutes). The same prices in any location! Backups. With the promo code

all new customers will receive a 15% discount, which gives you a total of 30% off when you pay for the year.



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PQ HOSTING PLUS S.R.L provides two types of servers for rent – virtual servers (VPS/VDS) and dedicated servers.

24-hour technical support with the Ticket System (SLA 30 minutes). Lifehack on working with PQ support: create a request (ticket) to the technical support department, from your personal account, and throw the ticket number in the chat – instant response. In the chat itself on the site, without the ticket number, you can only answer general questions and give advice on locations before buying a VPS / VDS.

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PQ Hosting prices for VPS / VDS, HI CPU and dedicated servers

The rates are the same for each location. And you know it’s inconvenient and not profitable, but very convenient for customers. PQ’s pricing is one of the best on the market. For average tasks, pay attention to the most popular tariff Ruthenium. Perpetual promotion – if you pay for hosting for several months in advance, you will get a discount:

  • 3-5 months – 5% discount
  • 6-11 months – 10% discount.
  • Year or more – fantastic 15% savings!
  • But that’s not all – with the promo code all new customers get a 15% discount, for a total of 30% off a year’s payment! ✅ Hurry up and click on the link and choose the right rate.

This offer is valid for all customers, the discount is calculated automatically when you pay for the service.


Unlock and use promo code 15% off for new customers, totalling 30% off when you pay for a year.

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VPS / VDSHi-CPU VPS/VDSDedicated servers
  1. Aluminium: Price 4.77€/мес. | Core CPU: 1 | RAM: 1 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 15 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, own ISO not allowed | Details
  2. Argentum: Price 5.27€/мес. | Core CPU: 2 | RAM: 2 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 30 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, own ISO not allowed | Details
  3. Ruthenium: Price 8.27€/мес. | Core CPU: 2 | RAM: 4 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 50 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  4. Iridium: Price 12.27€/мес. | Core CPU: 4 | RAM: 6 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 60 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  5. Palladium: Price 14.27€/мес. | Core CPU: 4 | RAM: 8 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 80 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  6. Osmium: Price 22.27€/мес. | Core CPU: 6 | RAM: 10 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 90 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  7. Aurum: Price 27.27€/мес. | Core CPU: 8 | RAM: 12 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 140 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  8. Platinum: Price 37.27€/мес. | Core CPU: 10 | RAM: 14 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 160 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  9. Rhodium: Price 46.00€/мес. | Core CPU: 16 | RAM: 16 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 200 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  10. Mithril: Price 76.00€/мес. | Core CPU: 20 | RAM: 24 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 300 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  11. Adamantium: Price 101.00€/мес. | Core CPU: 24 | RAM: 32 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 400 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details
  12. Obsidian: Price 151.00€/мес. | Core CPU: 32 | RAM: 64 GB RAM ECC | Disk space: 500 GB NVMe | IPv4 – 1 pcs.; IPv6 – /64 | Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Kali, own ISO allowed | Details

For all tariff plans:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • You can order up to 20 additional IPs to VPS starting from the Argentum tariff (the number of IPs is limited and you may have to wait for adding IP addresses).
  • SMTP port 25 has been blocked since August 2023, but if you need a mail service on a VPS, you can leave a ticket to the technical department with a request to open port 25. In the body of the letter, specify how and where the server will be used (based on this, a decision will be made to open the port).
  • Connection to a 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps port (depends on location). Not guaranteed speed of the VPS tariff. The higher the VPS rate, the faster the band speed.
  • DDoS L3/L4 protection
  • IPv6 support
  • Virtualization: KVM
HI CPU is a type of server that provides the most efficient processing of high workloads, whether in computing, graphics, scientific or other tasks that require significant processing power. HI CPU servers are typically used in technology applications and projects where maximizing CPU performance is key. Many people need exactly Hi-CPU solutions with 4.5-5 GHz CPU frequency instead of the standard 2-3 GHz, as they are ideal for high-speed processing of many small tasks.

Hi-CPU VPS rentals are slightly more expensive because the servers consume significantly more power. The price of Hi-CPU VPS starts from 5.00 € per month. We recommend to pay attention to Hi-CPU servers in the USA and the Netherlands, because they are based on more modern hardware AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, unlike Russia, where Intel Xeon E-2288G processor is used. View rates ➡️

For all tariff plans:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • You can order up to 20 additional IPs to VPS starting from the Argentum tariff (the number of IPs is limited and you may have to wait for adding IP addresses).
  • SMTP port 25 has been blocked since August 2023, but if you need a mail service on a VPS, you can leave a ticket to the technical department with a request to open port 25. In the body of the letter, specify how and where the server will be used (based on this, a decision will be made to open the port).
  • Connection to a 1 Gbps (Russia) or 10 Gbps (USA, Netherlands) port.
  • DDoS L3/L4 protection
  • IPv6 support
  • Virtualization: KVM

You can rent a dedicated server only in locations Netherlands (Serverius DC), USA.

For all tariff plans:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • 25 SMTP port is not blocked!
  • DDoS L3/L4 protection
  • IPv6 support
  • 2 CPU on each serve
  • Hardware RAID controller on each server
  • Reinstall the operating system in one click
  • A wide range of operating systems and control panels with automatic installation
  • Access to the network is provided by the best Internet providers in Europe
  • Control panel with full access (ipmi/ipkvm/ilo) for the entire period of hosting use/li>

Additional features:

  • BGP Organization
  • Renting IPv6 addresses
  • Select a network over 1 Gbit
  • Provision of CISCO ASA, Failover IP – on request
  • Rent of additional IPv4 (up to 32 addresses per server or network /24 and above)

Popular Dedicated Server Configuration Red Beryl Tariff in the Netherlands:

  1. Black Opal: Price 150€/мес. | 2x E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz | RAM: 32 GB RAM ECC | Hardware RAID: 2 disks x 480 GB SSD | Details
  2. Red Beryl: Price 220€/мес. | 2x E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz | RAM: 64 GB RAM ECC | Hardware RAID: 2 disks x 480 GB SSD | Details
  3. Pink Diamond: Price 330€/мес. | 2x E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz | RAM: 128 GB RAM ECC | Hardware RAID: 2 disks x 960 GB SSD | Details
  4. Blue Diamond: Price 380€/мес. | 2x E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz | RAM: 256 GB RAM ECC | Hardware RAID: 2 disks x 960 GB SSD | Details

Popular dedicated server configuration Black Pearl tariff in the US. The cheapest dedicated server in the USA costs 160 €:

  1. Black Pearl:: Price 240 €/мес. | 2x E5-2697Av4 | RAM: 128 GB RAM ECC | Hardware RAID: 2 disks x 960 GB Enterprise SSD | Details

Daily backup option! Every client has an opportunity to activate Daily tariff (daily backups) for an existing server or when ordering a new VPS/VDS in any of the countries. Backup starts every day at 04:00 UTC. The cost of the service varies depending on the tariff plan:

  • 5 € per month for Aluminium, Argentum, Ruthenium tariffs;
  • 10 € per month for Iridium, Palladium, Osmium tariffs;
  • 15 € per month for Aurum, Platinum, Rhodium;
  • 20 € per month for Mithril, Adamantium, Obsidian.

VPN for Android application “PQ.Hosting”

In 2024, PQ Hosting has released its own PQ VPN app for Android. No separate registration is needed, use your PQ.Hosting billing details to log in to the app and enjoy the internet without restrictions. Test the VPN app completely free for 7 days! PQ VPN monthly subscription costs $6. If you purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription, you get up to 15% discount. You get access to servers in 38 countries and fast download speeds. There is also an extended PRO version, owners of which can count on priority technical support 24/7.

PQ participates in the nomination VPN service providers!

PQ hosting vpn application interface.

Hosting for Telegram bot

With PQ hosting you can use virtual machines to host online services, applications and Telegram bots. More than 30 countries, the cheapest VPS will do. ChatGPT bot creation way: registering on Open AI website to access ChatGPT API, creating code, for example in Python, and then there is a question of placing your neuro-bot on server for uninterrupted work. There are a lot of variants on the market and you can use any suitable hosting with virtual servers, but for stable work it’s better to buy VPS/VDS server with 24×7 support. PQ is one of the leaders in the quality of technical support. In addition, the hoster hosts its own equipment in data centers from Tier 3 to Tier 4. Therefore, fault tolerance is 99.67%. Backups are not done automatically, so you have to monitor it yourself.

Where the PQ data centers are located

PQ Hosting offers 37+ locations (countries) with their own equipment. All data centers are provided with at least two power supplies and L3/L4 antiddos protection.

1. Frankfurt (Germany) – 10Gbps port: VPS/VDS in the top 20 most important cities in the world

PQ.Hosting offers VPS/VDS rental service in Frankfurt (Germany). This city is considered as the financial capital of Europe, as well as one of the main data centers. Virtual servers are deployed on the basis of the company’s own equipment, which is located in the Equnix data center. Among its features:

  • Direct connection to 5 traffic exchange points, including DE-CIX Frankfurt, which is among the largest in the world.
  • Using efficient technologies in service provisioning: Equinix Fabric (fast connection to providers from all over the world), Network Edge (virtual network upgrade) and Equinix Metal (provisioning and adaptation of physical infrastructure in minutes). View rates ➡️

2. VPS/VDS in Atman – the largest telecom campus in Poland

Server Uptime of at least 99.99%, N+1 climate control in the data center, complete isolation of servers from the influence of any external factors – all this (and not only) you get when you use the service Rent VPS/VDS in Poland (in the data center in Warsaw) from PQ.Hosting. The location is great for European countries. PQ.Hosting provides services based on their own telecom equipment. The cost of virtual dedicated server – from 3.77 euros per month. Different payment options are possible: there are no problems, regardless of the location and residence of the client. View rates ➡️

3. Turkey: VPS/VDS with uptime 99.9%

VPS/VDS rental in Turkey (in Izmir) from PQ.Hosting – it is a guarantee of faultless operation with availability rate within 99.9 percent. The company’s own facilities, on which servers are deployed, are located in Netdirekt Data Center. Here you get connectivity to 6 major regional telecom operators (Türk Telekom, Turkcell Superonline, Vodafone, Cogent, Seabone and DE-CIX), power infrastructure redundancy with n+1 formula. View rates ➡️

4. Russia Moscow: if you need to fulfill the requirements of Russian legislation. VPS/VDS services, Hi-CPU E2288G

Rental VPS/VDS in Russia (Moscow) from PQ.Hosting – a great option for those who need to meet the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of storage and processing of personal data, as well as in other areas. Services are provided based on the company’s own equipment, which is located in DataPro, Moscow data center (it is deservedly recognized as the best in the Russian Federation). VPS / VDS in this location have a connection to the top Russian providers. There is a quality protection from DDoS and other undesirable situations on the channel level, which is provided by DDoS-GUARD. Also, the data center uses a unified system to monitor the performance of all engineering systems. The data center meets Tier III requirements. View rates ➡️

5. Servers in Hungary: 12000+ sensors for safety

PQ.Hosting also offers VPS/VDS rental service in Hungary. The company’s own equipment is located in the Dataplex data center of ServerAstra (in Budapest). The data center is well protected from different situations. The availability of the equipment located here is close to 99.9 percent. It has direct access to 20+ Hungarian and global providers, which ensures almost unlimited bandwidth. View rates ➡️

6. Servers in Canada: speed, stability and security

Those who are planning to work for the western segment of the Internet should pay attention to the VPS/VDS Rental service in Toronto, DC owned by Cologix, Canada. VPS/VDS PQ.Hosting in this location are based on hardware owned by the company: due to the absence of intermediaries, any issues (configuration changes, restarts, etc.) are resolved very quickly. The equipment is located in the data center of the Cologix telecom company. Fiber optic lines are laid from it for direct connection to the largest regional traffic exchange points. View rates ➡️

7. Slovakia – 4 independent communication channels

PQ.Hosting offers VPS/VDS Rental in Slovakia based on VNET data center (Digitalis data center) in Bratislava. The location is located at the crossroads of East and West European traffic. If you place a server there, you will have access to four independent communication channels. The data center meets the requirements of TIERIII. The peculiarity of this location is its geographical position. Your servers are located at the intersection of East and West European communication streams, which provides high speed and stable connection to the European audience and nearby regions. View rates ➡️

8. Netherlands is the perfect location if you need Abuse-Resistant Hosting. Services include VPS/VDS, Hi-CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, dedicated servers

VPS/VDS rental service in the Netherlands is provided on the basis of equipment in the Serverius data center. This data center is the largest in the Netherlands and one of the most popular in the European Union. It corresponds to the TIERIII level. All equipment used to run the virtual servers is owned by PQ.Hosting: there are no middlemen between you and the service provider. One of the features of this location is an Bulletproof Hosting (Abuse-Resistant), that is, high rates of resistance to complaints about your sites. This makes VPS/VDS in the Netherlands popular with users from all over the world. View rates ➡️

9. VPS/VDS in Portugal

The company offers VPS/VDS rental service in Portugal in a data center in Lisbon. It is a data center owned by REN (Redes Energéticas Nacionais), a local leader in the energy sector. This guarantees a stable power supply in any situation as the REN is responsible for the data center, without turning to third-party intermediary companies. VPS/VDS in Portugal by VPS/VDS are based on PQ.Hosting own equipment. In other words, you cooperate directly with the service provider without any intermediaries. View rates ➡️

10. Spain (Madrid)

New hosting in the data center of the Spanish company ESpanix. The TIER III level data center is located in the historical district of Madrid, Centro Mesena. It is connected to more than 150 operators, as well as to all major providers and networks. The area of ​​the data center is 2,000 square meters. m, capacity – 4+4 MW. N+N backup power is provided by two separate substations, UPS, and two fuel generators with a fuel reserve of 25,000 liters each. Round-the-clock security and a video surveillance system are responsible for security. View rates ➡️

11. Ireland connection between Europe and North America

Ireland is attractive because a huge number of transatlantic fiber-optic backbone cables pass through this location, connecting Europe and North America. Due to this fact, the projects located here show equally good speed and availability for almost any region.

PQ.Hosting offers to buy VPS/VDS in Ireland at the data center in Dublin. The servers are deployed on platforms with Intel Xeon Processor E5-2697Av4 processors and ultra-reliable Intel NVME disk drives of DataCenter version. All equipment is owned by the company: it is fully responsible for the compliance of services with the declared metrics and guarantees a quick response to requests, without involving any intermediaries. View rates ➡️

12. VPS/VDS in France: to work for the European market

At PQ you can buy VPS/VDS in France, which are perfect for the European market. Servers are deployed on the basis of the company’s own computing power, located in DC2scale Data Center in Paris. Its peculiarity is the highest level of security in all directions (including redundancy), which guarantees VPS/VDS reliability and high uptime rates. View rates ➡️

13. VPS/VDS in Spain with connection to 150+ providers

PQ offers to buy VPS/VDS in Spain, which are based on the equipment located in the TierIII data center in Madrid. The peculiarity of this location option is the direct access to all major networks, providers and operators (more than 150 of them are available in particular). As with the other locations, the equipment is owned by PQ.Hosting. Due to this, all customer requests are processed as quickly as possible and the provider is 100% responsible for the quality of services. View rates ➡️

14. Greece in the Balkan Gate data center

The Balkan Gate data center is the largest data center in Northern Greece and one of the largest in Southeastern Europe. The current size of the facility is 2,500 sqm (500 racks and 100 workstations), but an expansion to 10,000 sqm is planned. Uninterrupted power is provided by two substations, Caterpillar diesel generators (with a minimum fuel reserve for 72 hours of data center), UPS APC Symmetra PX on the scheme 2N +1. All rooms are equipped with climate control and fire protection systems. View rates ➡️

15. Lithuania accommodation in two Baltneta data centers

Data center Baltneta TIER3 unites almost 50 telecom operators. Fully autonomous infrastructure is located on an area of 1 hectare. Two transformers with a total capacity of 3 MW, diesel generators (12 hours of continuous operation without fuel change) and EATON 93PM UPS, all with 2N backup. Automatic firefighting (also with 2N redundancy) is carried out with inert gas, harmless to the equipment. Security around the clock, operates 68 cameras and detectors opening cabinets. View rates ➡️

16. Estonia – three separate fiber optic cables

Wavecom’s data center provides backup power to two different substations and a generator. Three separate fiber optic cables are laid from the data center to the three important communication centers, which offer data rates of 60 Gbit/s. The minimum client port speed is 1 Gbit/s. View rates ➡️

17. Denmark full control over Scandinavia

In April 2023, PQ installed its servers in Denmark, WNB’s data center. From now on, the hoster has full coverage throughout Scandinavia and you can order ultra-modern servers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The WNB data center is located in the small provincial town of Tinder, in the south of Denmark, almost on the border with Germany. All racks are connected to UPS, for emergencies a generator is provided. The cooling system is also duplicated. The data center is equipped with redundant routers, switches and IP channels. View rates ➡️

18. Austria Vienna data-center Interxion

The Interxion data center is located in Vienna and created by Digital Realty, whose data centers have achieved a reliability rating of 99.999% in 15 years of operation and are 64% powered by renewable energy. The data center is ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certified. Communication is provided by dual fiber optic from two separate main routes of the operator. Power supply is guaranteed by 2N+1 scheme, temperature and humidity control is in compliance with ASHRAE. The entire data center is monitored round the clock not only by CCTV, but also by security patrols directly on the territory. Access control to the DC is carried out in several stages: by contactless key cards and biometric sensors. View rates ➡️

19. Norway Oslo data center IP-Only

IP-Only is a network of modern and innovative data centers in Norway. The DC is located on the quiet outskirts of the Norwegian capital Oslo. Backup cooling, network connections as well as power supply are duplicated on the 2N principle. An automatic fire extinguishing system is in operation. Despite the remoteness from the city center, it is quite easy to get to the data center by metro or bus. The total capacity of the data center is about 250 racks with dual access control.

PQ now has complete coverage throughout Scandinavia: servers can be ordered in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and also in the Baltic countries. View rates ➡️

20. Moldova Chisinau DC Alexhost

The best data center AlexHost Moldova in the city of Chisinau. It is located in a bomb shelter of a former military factory 10 meters underground and can probably survive even a nuclear war. The facility is guarded by two independent agencies, and DDoS protection is provided by the Romanian company Voxility. One of the features of this location is an Bulletproof Hosting, that is, high rates of resistance to complaints about your sites. View rates ➡️

21. United Kingdom Coventry 10 Gbps port

United Kingdom – UK Servers’ data centre is located in the city of Coventry. Order a virtual server in England with 10 Gbps on powerful NVMe discs right now and see for yourself all its advantages! See tariffs ➡️

22. USA Evoque Secaucus VPS/VDS services, Hi-CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, dedicated servers

PQ.Hosting servers moved to the new 14,371 m² Evoque Secaucus data center in October 2023. The connection speed has been increased to 10 Gbps . Hi-CPU in the US is a high-performance server powered by Ryzen 7950x processor that enables fast and efficient execution of compute-intensive tasks. See tariffs ➡️

23. Iceland

PQ.Hosting servers are securely located in atNorth’s data center. This is a leading Scandinavian Tier 3 data center operator that meets all the high requirements of a modern data center. Servers with updated Intel® Xeon® E5-2697A v4 processors. RAM is DDR4 and disks are NVMe, all of which guarantees high speed and smooth operation of customer services.

24. Hong Kong, China

PQ’s servers are located in the Hong Kong Broadband Network data center, which in turn is interconnected with the Hong Kong Internet Exchange point. Features of hosting in Hong Kong:

  • VDS Hong Kong prices will be slightly lower than the cost of a virtual dedicated server in Europe or the US. View rates ➡️
  • Hong Kong is unaffected by the Chinese digital screen, your business will always stay connected to Europe, America and Oceania.

25. Brazil

Bem-vindo ao Brasil! All your projects will be hosted on servers with Intel Xeon E5-2697Av4 processors, DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe disks version of the data center, and the port connection will be 10Gbps! The data center meets high global security standards and is ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certified. View rates ➡️

26. Japan

The location in Japan will be launched in March 2024. PQ.Hosting chose Equinix Japan’s state-of-the-art ISO and PCI certified data center. This means that all projects are hosted on servers with Intel Xeon E5-2697Av4 processors, DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe disk version of the data center, and the port connection will be 10Gbps! View rates ➡️

Other locations (countries)

  1. Latvia data center VERnet DC,
  2. Ukraine data center VOLYA Kiev,
  3. The Host-telecom data center of TIER III level is located south of Prague, near the city of Ceske Budejovice,
  4. Petach Tikva, Israel, in the Bezeq datacenter,
  5. Bulgaria a datacenter in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria,
  6. Romania data center of the company Host2,
  7. Finland The Creanova datacenter is located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland,
  8. Sweden Glesys datacenter is located in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
  9. NLS Kazakhstan datacenter is located in the city of Almaty.
  10. Switzerland
  11. Serbia

Initiatives to improve safety for clients

PQ Hosting continues to grow rapidly, providing high quality services worldwide. They value their customers’ trust and work tirelessly to improve their infrastructure and security.

Unfortunately, the extensive features and benefits attract not only honest users, but also malicious users who use PQ Hosting’s services to attack businesses, the public sector, and ordinary users. Although it is difficult to completely prevent this from a technical point of view, a team of experienced IT specialists is actively working to strengthen defenses.

Since the beginning of 2023, PQ specialists have decided to actively combat infrastructure pests. The first step was to block port 25 for all newly created VPS. The port is unblocked only after the user is verified in the system. Below is the path a client takes until he receives the service. If at any of the stages he does not pass the verification – he will not be able to use the services of hosting provider PQ.

If a customer falls under KYC (Know your customer) verification – they cannot buy/renew the service until they successfully pass the verification!

  1. Email, cell phone confirmation for all customers. Clients need to follow the link on the mail and enter the code in the sms. Without this, the client will not be able to use the services. This is the initial stage of screening out bad clients.
  2. The client’s account is verified in the fraudrecord database. If the client’s mail or IP address is in the database – the client is KYC without the possibility of ordering services until successful verification.
  3. The account is checked for the type of mail. If Protonmail or temporary or disposable mail is used – the client is also sent to KYC without the possibility of ordering services. PQ has more than 135000 providers with disposable mail in its auto-updated database, from where access to registration is blocked completely.
  4. The client’s registration IP is checked for multiple registrations of other accounts over a certain period of time. If there were registrations – the client is sent to KYC without the possibility of ordering services.
  5. The last check before the client is allowed to make orders is to check the IP address of the client for belonging to TOR. If it does – the client is also sent to KYC without the ability to order services.
  6. Multi-accounts are forbidden.
  7. …and many other operating algorithms. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal to you all the details of PQ antifraud in order to prevent fraudsters from bypassing it.

The security department is constantly monitoring all requests that are received on abuse and police mailboxes.

The owners of the hosting provider PQ realize that the introduction of additional verification and verification measures may cause questions from conscientious customers and those who have nothing to hide. However, this is done solely to make the service absolutely secure from detractors. The goal is to create a safe and secure environment for all users in order to focus more efforts on business development, expanding locations and improving the quality of support.


Dmytro Yakovenko
Dmytro Yakovenko
Founder and leading expert of the website "Hosting Consultant" (, with 15 years of experience in DevOps, internet marketer in the field of website promotion and online services.
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PQ hosting truly deserves attention. One of the main advantages of PQHosting is the variety of countries where they provide VPS/VDS services. This means that you can choose a server that is closer to your audience, which positively affects the loading speed of your website. Good technical support, popular server administration services are provided for free. And of course, the price is very pleasing!

Pros and Cons


If you did not have time to renew your VPS hosting, you can restore it within 3 days.
Pricing is one of the best on the market. Prices are the same in all locations.
Technical support is available 24/7/365 via the ticket system.
Wide range of payment systems.


No hourly payment, minimum period 1 month.

Contacts PQ Hosting

  • Website:
  • Company: PQ HOSTING PLUS S.R.L. is registered in Moldova
  • Founded: 2019
  • Website Language: English, Moldovan, German, Russian, Portuguese and others

Support language: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Central office:

  • country: Moldova
  • address: Chisinau, str. Nicolae Dimo 23/3 ap.32

Contact Information:

  • phone: Poland +48 (226) 022-228; USA +1 (804) 500-11-15; Ukraine +38 (044) 300-28-11; UK +44 (808) 271-05-00; Israel +972 (772) 23-88-81; Russia +7 (499) 677-66-77
  • email:,,
  • social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Telegram.


  • Position: Founder
  • Full name: Neculiţî Ivan

Number of staff: 40 — 60

Payments: Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Bank cards of Russia), PayPal, WebMoney, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency (BNB, USDT, BTC, TON, DASH, LTC etc).

Clients: running more than 35,000 servers.

Dmytro Yakovenko

10 reviews for Perfect Quality Hosting (PQ) 38+ locations

  1. Kaysar

    PQ.Hosting is vps-related scam, which sells dead VPS with poor bandwidth and performance, and then you try to get money back for low-quality service, they refused. Pretty simple scam scheme! My case: not knowing about this scam, I purchased VPS in Kazakhstan (Ruthenium[KZ] #1863805), and tried to use, however figured out that connection speed to London was miserable ~6mb/sec !!!! It sounds crazy in 2023, but it was on this level, as you could check my screenshot here:
    So I asked representative to review my claim regarding low-quality services and provide me reimbursement, but he refused. On my second attempt to get money back he answered in Russian, revealing its true essence – Russian scam project! Here is the screenshot:
    After all hustle&bustles they did-not return any money and blocked my account! Scam!


      Hello, Kaysar
      Money sent for withdrawal.
      If you have any more questions please ask them in the ticket.

  2. Liam

    Obviously these reviews are all paid reviews or reseller accounts.
    Only 5 star reviews? Yeah right!
    (PQ Hosting is spamming your account if you sign up with them and wants you to become a reseller.)

    Bad service and overpaid. Glad I moved away from these.
    I would definately not recommend!

    • Dmytro Yakovenko

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