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WordPress Woocommerce Hosting

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There are many WordPress hosting offers on the market, both in conjunction with the Woocommerce online store plugin and without it. Globally, these offers can be divided into 2 types of managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting.

What is unmanaged hosting (Self-Managed Hosting) WordPress? It is a regular VPS or shared hosting where owners of WordPress websites, WooCommerce stores are responsible for managing and maintaining their websites on their own.

What is Managed Hosting WordPress hosting? Managed WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting where the hosting provider takes over the management of the technical aspects of running a WordPress website, including security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, and technical support.

Not enough time? Quick choice
  • NameCheap: Affordable prices. Uninterrupted operation. Round-the-clock support.
  • Liquid Web: Hosting that works for you. Managed WooCommerce hosting: Automated testing, performance monitoring and disaster recovery assistance come standard with every plan.
  • Kinsta: Top of the line WordPress hosting where complex website maintenance tasks are handled for you.

Table of differences between managed and unmanaged hosting

Managed and unmanaged WordPress Woocommerce hosting have different levels of services provided and the degree of control the user gets over their website. The choice between managed and unmanaged hosting depends on the user’s level of web knowledge and the time they are willing to devote to the maintenance of their website. Managed hosting is ideal for those who want to focus on business without spending time on the technical aspects of the site. Unmanaged hosting is suitable for those who have experience with web servers and want full control over their site.

CharacterizationManaged hostingUnmanaged hosting (Self-Managed)
Special functions and servicesYesNo
Management and maintenanceProvided by hostingCarried out independently by the site owner
PriceSignificantly higherUsually below
Suitable forWorspress WooCommerce store owners who want to focus on their business and don’t want to worry about technical detailsWooCommerce store owners who want to save money or have experience with WordPress
Table of fundamental differences between managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress WooCommerce hosting offers the following benefits:

  • Simplified management – A managed hosting provider takes responsibility for managing and maintaining your website, including tasks such as software updates, security, and problem resolution.
  • Enhanced performance – Managed hosting providers often use dedicated resources and optimized infrastructure to ensure high performance WooCommerce websites. Often optimized to work better with WordPress and Woocommerce, resulting in faster page load speeds and better traffic handling.
  • Advanced Support – Managed hosting providers offer 24/7 customer support that can help you resolve any issues that may arise with your website.

Unmanaged (Self-Managed) WordPress WooCommerce hosting offers the following benefits:

  • Lower cost – unmanaged hosting is cheaper than managed hosting because of the extra services.
  • More flexibility – unmanaged hosting offers more flexibility as you can use any software or plugins you want.

Top Best Managed WordPress Hosting

When choosing hosting for WordPress pay attention to such characteristics of the plan: Disk space, RAM, Web server, PHP version, MySQL version, Availability of free SSL certificate.

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Hosting providers
Managed hosting of WordPress, WooCommerce, applications and databases in over 35 data centres worldwide. Free plan for hosting static sites (JAMstack).
Data center:
Hong Kong
United Kingdom
Recommended minimum price for 1 Wordpress site:
Test period:
Test period for shared hosting.
namecheap logoNameCheap
NameCheap is the best domain name registrar in the world, manages more than 10 million domains. Free Whois privacy protection for both new orders and domain renewals. ▶Promos and Deals Namecheap in one place❗ VPN over 1000 servers in 50 locations. Handy website builder Site Maker.
Data center:
United Kingdom
Recommended minimum price for 1 Wordpress site:
Test period:
Test period for shared hosting.
ScalaHosting offers managed VPS hosting service, low cost shared hosting with its sPanel. Best cheap managed cloud vps.
Data center:
Recommended minimum price for 1 Wordpress site:
Test period:
Test period for shared hosting.

How to choose an unmanaged WordPress hosting service

As written above, if you want to save money or have experience with WordPress, unmanaged hosting may be a better choice.

My choice of software environment for a Wordprees site is Ubuntu 22, Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB 10+, no hosting control panel. Any control panel limits your ability to configure your VPS, web server and database, but if you decide you need a panel, I recommend Hestia from the free ones, Ispmanager 6 from the paid ones (as they are currently supported and have a large community).

VPS parameters up to 2000 visitors per day: KVM virtualization, CPU – 2 cores, RAM – 4 GB, port speed from 100 Mbps or 4 TB transfer. You can order a cheaper VPS for your tasks, but the specified configuration covers 70% of possible tasks of your initial online store or website. To choose a VPS use the regularly updated article Top Best VPS/VDS Hosting.


I prefer to customize everything myself. But the demand for managed WordPress hosting will grow because it’s convenient and actually more economical. Hiring a knowledgeable technician to tune your VPS and speed up your site is quite expensive and you may have to engage him repeatedly. In case of managed hosting 99% of your problems technical support of the hosting provider has already solved or will help to solve.

Dmytro Yakovenko
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