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4 Best Anti-Detect Browsers (Free & Paid)

Бесплатные антидетект браузеры.

There is no user who has personal information stored on a desktop/portable computer or mobile gadget that should not be disclosed in any way.

These can be passwords to bank cards and electronic wallets, video content from one’s own archive, or some scanned images of identity documents. For sure, if such data gets to fraudsters via the Internet, it can provide grounds for manipulation and blackmail.

In order to ensure the safety of your personal information, organize a comprehensive protection and build a demilitarized zone, effectively used a special software – Anti-Detect Browsers.

Why do we need Anti-Detect Browser and what it does

Ensuring the confidentiality of personal data is the primary goal pursued by the user who uses such a software product. Among the main tasks from the use of this program should be highlighted:

  • ease of installation and use;
  • the probability of browser cache theft is minimized because the program toolkit encrypts and isolates each file separately;
  • guarantee your anonymity on the Internet (a browser “fingerprint” is made and false data is hidden);

Notably, AntiDetect browsers are similar to standard Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Mozilla browsers in many ways, except that your account and social media accounts will not be able to be tracked.

  • the ability to run multiple social and/or advertising accounts simultaneously;
  • in conjunction with a VPN and/or proxy – obtaining full access to Internet resources that are prohibited by the organization’s security policy or are unavailable to residents of any state.
Despite comprehensive security, the user has complete freedom of action. Without fear of information leakage you are given the possibility to share accounts, corporate or business data. AntiDetect Browser is an ideal tool for conducting business via social networks, forums, Instagram, etc..

1. Antidetect browser Dolphin{anty} — free up to 10 profiles

The Dolphin{anty} antidetect browser was originally intended specifically for affiliate marketing and traffic arbitrage. This is due to the fact that the creators themselves did affiliate marketing: they understand the pains and needs of this audience, so their tool is ideally suited for such tasks. Now the antidetect is adapted to work with cryptocurrency projects such as Coinlist, Huobi, etc.: it even has a separate CRYPTO profile.

Dolphin{anty} has the following advantages over other browsers:

  • The browser is installed not only for Windows, but also Linux (AppImage format), MacOS and even MacOS on the M1 chip.
  • A handy proxy and extension manager that allows you to add an unlimited number of proxies or extensions and then add them to your profiles with a single click.
  • Support for SOCKS5 by username and password (those who are tired of buying flimsy proxies and getting banned will understand).
  • Proprietary automation by created templates, as well as integration via API with Selenium, Playwright or Puppeteer tools.
  • Well-thought-out teamwork with the possibility of issuing individual access for each team member. For example, one user can be given full control rights, while another user can only start and stop the profile.
  • Mass management in a couple of clicks. You can mark desired profiles and then delete, modify proxies, export cookies or set tags on those profiles.
  • There is a recycle garbage can feature from which you can restore previously deleted profiles without contacting support.
  • Quick support right in the browser interface.

Dolphin{anty} is suitable even for complex resources like Google, Facebook and Coinlist. Dolphin{anty} has an intuitive interface. To create a new profile, just click on the required fields and select the data that interests you. You can attach tags to each profile, which will help speed up the work when searching for the necessary accounts.

In addition to the trial period, the Dolphin{anty} browser also has a completely free version with a limit of 10 profiles. At the same time, on all Dolphin{anty} tariffs, it is possible to purchase additional profiles, even on a free one.

Go to the Dolphin{anty} website and get 10 free profiles.


  • Free: 0$ (free up to 10 profiles);
  • Base: $89 per month (up to 100 profiles);
  • Team:  $159/month (up to 300 profiles);
  • Enterprise: from $299/month.
Promo code for Dolphin[anty]
Are you serious? Use the promo code for a discount: follow this link and enter the promo code WOW2TOP to get a 20% discount!

2. Antidetect Browser MoreLogin⚡ free 2 users and 2 profiles

Morelogin main page.

MoreLogin⚡ is a modern free browser with detection protection: Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Coinlist, Huobi, Binance, Bitget and more.

MoreLogin uses the original browser fingerprint to create your internal profile, the data always remains private and NEVER goes to the target resources.

Benefits: browser profile management, real browser fingerprints, teamwork, notes, tags and statuses, mass creation and management and more. Easy Cookie Robot working in the background.

Morelogin has only 2 prepared tariffs, the rest you create by yourself using the designer, which is very convenient and allows you not to overpay for unnecessary resources:

  • Free $0 (free 2 profiles, 2 users)
  • Base $9 (10 profiles, 2 users). Use WOW2TOP promo code for Morelogin browser – 15% discount.
  • All other tariff plans you create through tariff constructor on site, for example tariff 150 profiles and 2 users in total will cost 40$ a month (which is very cheap).

3. Incogniton Anti-Detect Browser free with Starter plan

The Incogniton browser is one of the top choices. A tool that creates isolated profiles for anonymous Internet surfing. Data from browser profiles is securely stored in an online database or locally on your computer. The Incogniton anti-detection browser is a new browser on the market, but it immediately established itself due to its good price and reliability. Advantages of Incogniton:

  • Excellent documentation in English and Russian.
  • Paste as human typing” function – emulation of manual text entry.
  • Puppeteer, Selenium automation.
  • Mass creation of profiles.

I used it before, now I switched to Dolphin Anty.

Prices (per month) if paying for a year or 6 months, 30% off the subscription price. You can pay for your subscription using Paypal, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and a range of cryptocurrencies via Coinbase: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Dai.

  • Starter: 0$ (free up to 10 profiles)
  • Entrepreneur: 29,99$
  • Professional: 79,99$
  • Multinational: 149,99$

Go to Incogniton website and get 10 free profiles.

4. AdsPower Anti-Detection Browser free with Solo plan

4 Best Anti-Detect Browsers (Free & Paid)

Modern anti-detect browser AdsPower, created by programmers from China with support for English and Russian languages. Translation of the interface is not quite correct, but it works well.

Any repetitive action in the browser can be automated with AdsPower. There is an application center with plugins to extend the functionality. Go to the AdsPower website and get 2 include Solo plan.

Tariffs (per month):

  • Solo: 0$ (free up to 2 profiles)
  • Team: 25$
  • Team: 100$
  • Team: 300$

List of other anti-detect browsers

  1. Indigo Browser is a tool based on Multilogin. This is an application from arbitrageurs for arbitrageurs, honed for creating and managing accounts for traffic arbitrage. Isolated servers from the main Multilogin servers. Technical support is staffed by people who have worked successfully with Facebook and Google ADS. The main disadvantage is the expensive price. But to work with a team Indigo is a good proven option, if you are a loner – definitely choose the free browser Dolphin{anty}. Tariffs (per month): Solo: €99, Team: €199, Scale: €399.
  2. GoLogin is available for free, including 3 browser profiles. 7-day trial period for the Enterprise plan.
  3. Undetectable from $49 per month. There is a semblance of a free version, but the functionality is very limited and not suitable for work.
  4. Accovod is a program for working with multiple accounts on social networks simultaneously. The browser assigns a unique IP address, useragent and cookie to each account.
  5. AEZAKMI antidetect browser based on chromeium gives 2 days for the test.
  6. AntBrowser, a Firefox-based service, positions itself as a tool to handle multiple profiles and unique browser fingerprints. Free access for 1 day (automatically activated after registration).
  7. Linken Sphere is based on the Chromium engine. Linken Sphere is fully paid. Payment (for the purpose of anonymity) is made only in bitcoins.
  8. Octo Browser
  9. Ghost Browser is not expensive, but need to buy a separate proxy plugin from them.
  10. swSpyBrowser – multibrowser, where each new tab has its own cookies, user-agent and proxy. Supports major operating systems and connections. One-time payment: 2490 rubles.
  11. Marketer Browser – Designed to help Internet marketers manage multiple accounts for the same website. You can open multiple pages and link different proxies and useregents for pages. The accounts are independent of each other. On the free plan you have access to 3 profiles, but 1 browser. Write in comments, who tested this anti-detect browser.
  12. The Che Browser desktop application replaces the browser fingerprints and hardware of your desktop computer.
  13. FraudFox is a virtual switch that runs Internet sessions with different useragent and fingerprint values through it. FraudFox is not an anti-detect browser, but a virtual machine. It cannot be called a “anti-detect browser” in the literal meaning of the word, but it fulfills its main functions in a very good way. The project is only compatible with Windows. No free trial. Price $100 per month.
  14. Kameleo is a new anti-detect browser that has a wide range of functionality, supports FireFox, Chrome, Safari.
  15. Lalicat Browser – 3-day trial for All new users. Price $59 per month.
  16. Logii browser from $47 a month. If anyone used write about this browser. CPA will understand what to write.
  17. Hidemyacc – price starts from $15 per month.
  18. Surfinite from €29 per month. There is a 7-day trial period.
  19. Loginways prices start at $35/month.
  20. HydraHeaders – suitable for simple multi-accounting. WebRTC is completely disabled in the browser. Of the obvious disadvantages, limited proxy support only HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 without password support.

Proxy for anti-detect browsers

Now I use AstroProxy because of the price and they really work for my needs. Proxies are distributed by countries, cities and providers. Refill your account with fiat and cryptocurrency, traffic packages (from 100 MB) at a low price.

Sometimes ProxysIo is priced from 1.47 USD 30 days/each. Geographical coverage: 12 countries. Proxy types: private, general.

And for tasks where there is enough server proxy (i.e. IP and server are in the selected location) hosting provider PQ. PQ provides a choice of 27 countries to buy VPS, and install the proxy program you need (for example Dante for SOCKS) will help you free technical support.

4 Best Anti-Detect Browsers (Free & Paid)

If you’re not satisfied with my proven options, read the extended article Best SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS Proxy Providers.

Conclusion or Profit

A profitable bundle is a combination of an offer (product or service), a landing (prelending) and a creative that works in profit. But before you can find it, you have to have the software in place that allows you to make a profit. A bundle of software that I use to make

  • Dolphin{anty} browser. Follow this link and enter promo code WOW2TOP to get 20% discount.
  • AstroProxy proxies are categorized by country, city and provider. Traffic packages (from 100 MB) at a low price.
  • Block website builder Sendpulse. The free version is enough to create one-page sites for lendings (prelendings). Additional features: SMS mailing, WhatsApp and Viber messages, PUSH, chat bots. Sign up and get 10$ as a gift.

a profit. Good luck to you!

19 thoughts on “4 Best Anti-Detect Browsers (Free & Paid)

  1. Has anyone used Antidetect Browser Genlogin? Please give me more reviews to decide to upgrade the package with, I am using the free profiles package

  2. I found antidetect hidemium to be the cheapest, works well with maz, ebay, facebook, gmail…

    1. I didn’t find a free plan.

  3. Which of the anti detect browser works perfect for CPA marketing network. Any ideas or suggestion?

    1. The anti-detect browser itself solves only part of the problem. Choose the browser that you are comfortable with. A combination of programs is important, at least a browser + proxy.

  4. Thanks for browser and proxy review – very helpful. Proxy from PQ is godsend!

  5. Multi login should be in this list. Or Hidemyacc I’ve just tried, it’s also a alternative.

    1. Thank you for the addition. Use Indigo instead of Multilogin. Why pay more? Hidemyacc added to complete the list.

  6. MarketerBrowser is the cheapest one

    1. It doesn’t have a free offer

  7. Hey do you know good antidetect for chaturbate site? is videochat. Need to get more traffic in the room

    1. In my opinion, the important thing here is a combination of anti-detect browser and the right proxy. Try Dolphin and a proxy from Astro. They are free.

  8. I really liked Dolphin anty, I advise everyone to try it. Perfect for Facebook ads and coinlist! the functionality is powerful and at the same time convenient, like the developer

    1. For coinlist better to use Octo Browser, works like a charm

  9. I use Logii. It’s the best one in my opinion. Should have been on this list.

  10. Lalicat Browser should be in this list.

    1. Added to general list.

      1. Thanks very much.

  11. True Antidetect Browser — Free Antidetect Browser

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