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Dynamic mobile, residential, and datacenter proxies. Geolocation targeting by country, city and provider or ASN. Balance replenishment in fiat and cryptocurrency, API and OpenVPN compatibility, SOCKS5 and HTTP(S), traffic packages from 100 MB at low price from $0.37. Up to 50 TCP connections per port are supported simultaneously.

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Astroproxy main page 2024.
Site Astro

Astro is a complex infrastructure for raising online intelligence in SEO, data scraping, market analysis, stock trading, e-commerce, brand protection, software development, and other online activities. Astro is 100 percent compatible with third-party solutions, including specialized software, such as anti-detection browsers. The company acts in strict compliance with ethical AML & KYC policies. Astro has an excellent support service, high-performance proxy servers, and everything you need for convenient and uninterrupted work. The infrastructure provides IP addresses in more than 100 countries, including Turkey, from $0.67 per month.

Astro offers to buy residential and mobile proxies, as well as datacenter ones, from reliable providers in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. All IPs reside into pools according to their location and support dynamic IP change within a selected pool through API or web interface.

Top Astro Advantages

  • Pre-paid traffic packages up to 300 GB or Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Hundreds of available locations
  • Any software compatibility
  • Free proxy trial
  • Single-windowed, convenient dashboard
  • Top-notch experienced client support, Telegram and Facebook-based, answering in 15 minutes
  • Strict AML/KYC compliance
  • OpenVPN-ready ports with optional TLS and pre-settings for various platforms
  • Detailed statistics on every session
  • HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 for every port available by default.

The main products offered by Astro are ethically obtained and maintained geo targeted proxies. Residential addresses lay in IP pools of home internet providers while mobile IPs belong to mobile carriers’ pools. These addresses are highly trusted by the services due to the NAT technology, as it shares a single address between multiple end-user devices. Blocking requests from such sources may cause difficulties for other ISP users. Astro claims that the addresses forming infrastructure come from internet users themselves based on informed consent. In this case, these proxies can and should be used for the most demanding tasks requiring seamless connection without a blocking probability.

The operational principle of residential and mobile proxies one buys from Astro is similar. Prices on Astro mobile proxies start from $1.31 for 100 MB, as their efficiency is noticeably higher in comparison with others.

Acquiring the best datacenter proxies (aka server IPs) means getting access to pools operated by data centers. You can check them through and similar services. These are the fastest and the most reliable proxies with 99.9% uptime. Unscrupulous sellers do not own server proxies for a long time, and they are quickly blocked. But the Astro team acts differently. Datacenter IP addresses are regularly checked and tested by the AI-based system. Only the top-quality and the most sustainable addresses are offered.

Pricing for Mobile, Residential and Datacenter Proxies

Astro users pay for the traffic passed through the proxy port, not for the period of their usage. There are two pricing options, traffic packages and Pay-as-you-go. This allows you to buy residential and mobile proxies, or datacenter ones, exactly to your needs. The larger amounts provide a discount from 10 GB up to 15 percent. Users can leverage headless browsers, turn off the media download or apply other traffic-sparing solutions to minimize the required amounts. Every IP:PORT you buy comes with SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) support, and allows routing traffic through OpenVPN with additional TLS encryption. Thus, with an average 99.9% uptime, Astro is an inexpensive full-spectrum solution compared to other proxy providers.

After a simple registration a new user gets instant access to the single-windowed dashboard. Since the launch of Astro it has improved significantly and contains all the necessary functionality for proxy management. The control panel contains many different tools, but it doesn’t seem complicated to apply.

Astroproxy web interface.

Through the main menu you can:

  • Buy and upgrade ports
  • Obtain additional megabytes
  • Study traffic consumption statistics
  • Group addresses and rename them
  • Check the bonuses for participating in the referral program
  • Set team access via email
  • Get the API key and adjust POST, GET, PATCH methods for the distant software
  • Change passwords and logins or set an authentication by IP from whitelists

You can also get a free proxy trial after registration. Reach out to the client support in any convenient way (Facebook or Telegram). A certain amount of money will be available for a full-featured test with all geo targeted proxies available. For topping up the account through fiat or cryptocurrency platforms, the Astro user needs to pass verification. This is the requirement of ethical rules’ compliance, which has already become a standard for industry leaders.

The port selection section allows you to select the port type, its location, traffic volume, OpenVPN tunneling, and other properties. Switch between SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) if needed, set a geolocation on the city- and provider-leveled accuracy. All proxies are dynamic, so change an external IP through API methods or buttons in the web interface. The number of rotations is unlimited, and depends on the IP pool’s size only.

Traffic plans are rather conditional with discounts available for large volumes. Actual prices and GEO can be viewed in the dashboard during the order placement. Hover over the “How the price is formed?” button at the page’s bottom to check how the chosen options influence the total cost. The minimum order price for the best datacenter proxies is $0.67 for 100 MB, including the $0.3 port rent paid once. Up to 50 TCP connections per port are supported simultaneously.

What plans should I choose for Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook requires buying residential and mobile proxies with mandatory grouping by city for residential IPs or grouping by city and provider for mobile ones. A separate port should be created for each account. Specify the rules for IP rotation. It can be changed by time interval, with every new connection, both manually or through the API methods. The rules can be changed anytime in contrast to geolocation.

Recommendations on Facebook accounts management:

  • Purchase traffic from 500 MB per port or account. Set the change mode “by link”, and mind the mandatory grouping by city.
  • “Warm up” the account before running the ad campaign. If you do not know what “warm up” is and how complex the algorithm is – imagine  a virtual garden. You plant seeds carefully and let them grow slowly so they look as natural as possible. The organically raised Facebook account looks just as natural in the eyes of protecting algorithms.

How Astro proxies work with anti-detection browsers

The key to successful proxy deployment lies in the application of specialized software, such as anti-detection browsers. Professional activities on the internet are more sophisticated and scaled than common web surfing or scrolling memes.


Promo code for Astro proxy

The 7% discount promo code can be used by both old and new users, but only once per account when ordering a proxy.

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Expires on:

Disadvantages or glory to God?

Astro does not suit SMTP mailings. And thank goodness! Anyone who has tried to set up mailing at least once will understand me. It’s better to buy residential IP addresses, mobile or datacenter from Astro than to be banned because of crooked spammers. Closing SMTP is really an advantage!


The choice of different VPN or proxy options on the market is very wide. For the sake of brevity our team brought all significant, popular providers into one article — TOP Best VPN, Proxy Services. The same goes for the anti-detection browsers range. We have divided the providers into 3 categories: pure VPN solutions, Proxy solutions and hosting providers that offer VPN or proxy in addition to hosting.

Search engines and websites constrain corporate-level arbitrage, SEO, SMM, e-commerce targeting and advertising. The real professional’s mission is to bypass any restrictions for the sake of efficiency. Astro geo targeted proxies assist it. They add identity layer to the connection and help to avoid account freezing or IP address blocking. However, even the best datacenter proxies, mobile and residential ones, should be enhanced with fingerprint-forming software. Order a free proxy trial to check the settings and performance.

Astro Contacts

  • Website:
  • Website Language: English, Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Chinese
  • Support language: English, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.

Technical support contact information

  • phone: No, just Telegram and Facebook Messenger.
  • email:
  • social networks: Facebook, Telegram.

Payments: Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), QIWI, YooMoney, Russian MIR bank cards, Cryptocurrencies (BNB, USDT, BTC, TON, DASH, LTC, and others)

Dmytro Yakovenko

4 reviews for Astro Review

  1. Simafadira W

    Use residential and 3G/4G proxies by ASTRO. Stable connect, reliable IP pools with proper geolocations and opportunity to rotate them automatically through api. Or by clicking an appropriate button in the menu. One of the fastest client support I’ve met plus assistance with choosing settings. Faced an undeclare feature of additional discounts for frequent wallet’s top up. There is an additional margin for specifiyng proxies on a city level, but for my purposes distribution by countries was enough.

  2. Kea

    Never experienced any issues with them, not a single bad address. Geo targeted proxies at their best

  3. Marcus

    decent infrastructure. Ethical,whitelisted residential proxies. Good price if you buy mobile IPs. And the best datacenter proxies too. Supporting up to 250 TCP connections per port. 100 geo’s. Plus, they have added customization for corporate teams, like shared access configs, traffic consumption flow display, proxy groups, etc

  4. Euge

    Decent service, everything is clean and runs just as promised. Recommend for buying residential and mobile proxies.

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