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Incogniton offers a free starter plan with 10 profiles and Selenium integration for automation, allowing you to efficiently manage multiple accounts while remaining completely anonymous online.


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Incogniton main page.
Anti-detect browser Incogniton is a tool for anonymous surfing and profile management. Incogniton is a powerful anti-detection browser that allows users to create and manage multiple isolated browser profiles. Each profile has its own unique digital fingerprint, making it impossible to link different online activities to a single user.

Incogniton’s main features include:

  • Creating an unlimited number of browser profiles. Possibility of mass creation of profiles.
  • Full control over digital footprints.
  • Ability to work in a team on the same profiles.
  • Synchronization of data between devices.
  • Support for proxy servers for additional anonymity.
  • User-friendly interface and compatibility with Mac and Windows.
  • Excellent documentation in English and Russian.
  • “Paste as human typing” feature to emulate manual text input.
  • Automation with Puppeteer , Selenium or REST API.

Tariffs and prices

Incogniton offers several pricing plans customized for different user needs:

  1. Starter: Free of charge, up to 10 profiles
  2. Entrepreneur: $29.99 per month. Price is without tax (VAT) for your country.
  3. Professional: 79.99$ per month
  4. Multinational: 149.99$ per month

For those who want to try Incogniton features, the company offers a free starter tariff with 10 profiles. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the benefits of the anti-detection browser without any financial investment. This tariff allows you to use up to 10 profiles, which is ideal for personal use or small projects.

Recommended proxies for Incogniton browser

By using trusted proxy services, you guarantee yourself a stable and secure connection in Incogniton browser. Remember:

  • Don’t skimp on proxies – your security and anonymity depends on the quality of the proxy.
  • Before buying a proxy, read reviews of other users.
  • Test different proxies to find the one that best suits your needs.

Recommended proxies for Incogniton (full list of proxy providers):

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Proxy-Seller logo.
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Review Proxy-Seller
Only individual proxies, no “neighbors”. Proxies are grouped not only by country, but also by purpose: social networks, SEO scraping, online gaming, crypto exchanges, unblocking websites and so on. There are solutions for PHP, Golang and others.
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PROXYS: Reliable, Anonymous and Private Proxies

PROXYS offers anonymous, individual and private proxies worldwide (88 countries). Price from 1.47 USD 30 days / per unit. Individual IPv6 proxies cost from 13 cents.

Proxysale logo.
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Review ProxySale
0.70$ for 1 IP, 48 countries to choose from, lease term from 7 days. Any convenient proxy format: HTTPS or SOCK5 and individual selection for the necessary purpose of use: online games, bookmakers, social networks, Key Collector.
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Contacts Incogniton

  • Website:
  • Company:
  • Founded: 2019
  • Website Language: English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, Chinese

Support language: English

Central office:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Technical support contact information


  • Position: Founders
  • Full name: Niels and Rens

Company’s branches:

Number of staff: 10+ employees

Payments: Bank cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal, Stripe, cryptocurrencies through Cryptocurrency and Cryptomus.


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