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Free plan available, including 3 browser profiles and all GoLogin benefits except for sharing profiles and team members. Free proxy servers.


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Gologin main page.

Gologin is an anti-detect browser designed for multi-accounting. It allows users to create and manage multiple profiles on different websites. Gologin gives the ability to customize every parameter of the browser fingerprint and includes more than 50 different preset configurations.

This browser is used to bypass anti-fraud systems and hide your computer settings. It automatically sets up a profile with random computer settings and proxy servers. There are a lot of settings in the browser, about each of which there is no sense to tell, as the system itself applies all the necessary settings. You only need to specify the proxy server you bought and come up with a profile name.

Gologin has its own YouTube channel, help center and blog where you can find information about proxy settings, browser configurations and profile management.

GoLogin anti-detect browser tariffs

GoLogin uses a subscription model that renews every month unless you choose to stop it. You can also opt for an annual subscription, which gives you a 50% discount. The main difference between the tariffs, is the limitation on the number of profiles created, which can be stored at the same time, on GoLogin’s cloud server. Also, of the restrictions, there are limits on the number of accounts and profiles running at the same time.

  • Professional package costs $49 per month
  • Business package for $99 per month
  • Enterprise package for $199 per month
  • Costom package for $299 per month.

Free plan is available, including 3 browser profiles and all the benefits of GoLogin except profile sharing and team members.


Promo code for GoLogin antidetect browser

Promo code from GoLogin provides a 50% discount on your first purchase.

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How to use free proxies in Gologin browser

Gologin provides free proxies that are thoroughly checked for relevance and do not require authorization. A complete and regularly updated list of reliable and secure proxy servers of different types and countries is available in Gologin. This list includes different types of proxies to meet your anonymity and restriction bypassing needs, and all proxy addresses are free of charge. You can easily download our free proxy list in TXT, CSV or JSON format for easy offline use. To use the free proxy list, select a proxy from the list, configure your browser or application for the proxy’s IP address and port, and then surf the Internet as usual.

We do not recommend using these proxies for Facebook and Google. These services require resident individual proxies!

Recommended proxies for Gologin browser

By using trusted proxy services, you guarantee yourself a stable and secure connection in Gologin browser. Remember:

  • Don’t skimp on proxies – your security and anonymity depends on the quality of the proxy.
  • Before buying a proxy, read reviews of other users.
  • Test different proxies to find the one that best suits your needs.

GoLogin provides a service of built-in proxy servers in the browser. Price 💻 $5/GB for residential proxy servers, 📱 $10/GB for mobile proxy servers, $3/GB for data center proxy servers. Register with GoLogin and receive a bonus in the form of 3 GB of free proxy traffic!

Recommended proxies for Gologin (full list of proxy providers):

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Proxy-Seller logo.
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Review Proxy-Seller
Only individual proxies, no “neighbors”. Proxies are grouped not only by country, but also by purpose: social networks, SEO scraping, online gaming, crypto exchanges, unblocking websites and so on. There are solutions for PHP, Golang and others.
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PROXYS: Reliable, Anonymous and Private Proxies

PROXYS offers anonymous, individual and private proxies worldwide (88 countries). Price from 1.47 USD 30 days / per unit. Individual IPv6 proxies cost from 13 cents.

Proxysale logo.
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0.70$ for 1 IP, 48 countries to choose from, lease term from 7 days. Any convenient proxy format: HTTPS or SOCK5 and individual selection for the necessary purpose of use: online games, bookmakers, social networks, Key Collector.
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