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Our team’s mission is to make hosting services better and more affordable. There are too many myths and publicity stunts around us. Let’s reduce them together!

The site will not provide the usual hosting reviews, instead we offer you the information you need when making your decision.

You can send questions of cooperation or suggestions on the site to the mail: darkfire@dieg.info or Telegram: @Darkfire13.

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DIEG Rating of hosting companies is based on the openness of information about the hosting company, the location of data centers. More than 20 criteria are taken into account, such as professionalism, the relevance of tariff plans developed for specific tasks: mail servers, bots, specific CMS WordPress, Drupal and others, Windows hosting. Significant weight is given to the specific characteristics of the virtual private server, such as the number of resources each company allocates to entry-level plans, the initial price, and whether they offer managed and unmanaged VPS options.

Here are some of the categories we used to rank the providers on our list.

  • Reviews. The rating considers both our site and third-party reviews, but they are not a priority for the rating.
  • Price. The starting price for VPS hosting should be affordable, so that the provider can take a worthy place in our rating. Those with a starting price of $10 per month or lower have proven themselves best. However, some providers offer cheap introductory offers and then raise prices significantly, so high marks were given to those providers that did not raise prices at the renewal of the service. Among other pricing factors, we considered the number of sites in the VPS hosting plan and the length of the money-back guarantee. Pricing accounted for 30% of the total score.
  • Features. We’ve explored the basic characteristics you should expect from any hosting company, including tech support SLA, uptime guarantees, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, hosting control panel and SSL certificate, and a free domain name. Of course, everyone’s needs are different, so be sure to research unique features, pricing, refunds and resources to determine which VPS hosting is best for you. Unique features such as free business email, automatic backup scheduling, and content delivery network (CDN) availability were also considered in our ranking.

Specifics research, including pricing, provided by Dmytro Yakovenko.

Dmytro Yakovenko
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