Domain registrars

As practice shows, the quality of hosting campaigns, the main direction of which is the registration of domains, not the best quality. Therefore, a separate rating was created for domain name registrars.

The choice of a domain registrar, as well as the choice of domain name – this is an important step in starting your own business (store, information site) on the Internet. Before you buy a domain, you should consider what the cost of domain, transfer and renewal is and only after analysing these data should you make the purchase.

If you plan to engage in “white” business, then you should seriously consider choosing a domain name registrar. If you are a gray arbitrator (media buyer), and you just need to hide information from nosy people and cyber police and of course as cheaply as possible – then Namecheap is right for you.

For people who follow the law, choosing a domain name registrar is not that easy. I don’t think you would want your domain taken away just like that, without a trial.

An important issue is the reliability of the domain name registrar.

It is better to choose companies-registrars accredited by ICANN, only in this case they have the right to make records in the domain registry, and you will be sure that the purchased domain is really registered to you.

Other registrars are just partners and resellers. It is common for such companies to register a domain for themselves. In case of problems you will not be able to prove your rights to your site!

List of domain name registrars to set up PBNs

What is a PBN?

A PBN (Private Blog Network) is a private, closed network of satellite sites, usually made up of a varying number of sites on the same topic, to promote the main project with backlinks.

In general, each hosting provider allows you to buy and register domains from it, but you should not do so. A good rule of thumb is to buy a domain from one campaign, and hosting from another.

  1. Regery domain registrar has the largest number of zones I know of. Best domain, transfer and renewal fees. Great control panel. Accepting payments from cryptocurrency to bank transfer. ➦ Visit site.
  2. Namecheap Free DNS server, there is no limitation to change the NS servers. Easy control panel. ➦ Namecheap promotions in one place! NameCheap is the best domain name registrar in the world, managing over 10 million domains, the only alternative is probably GoDaddy.
  3. BigRock is the official registrar of domain names, 2 free email accounts 100 MB are provided with the domain registration. ➦ Visit site
  4. Hover is a Canadian company that works exclusively as a domain registrar and does not ask you to buy anything else! So you have to use a different hosting provider to host your websites. ➦ Visit site.
  5. Registrar Domain com provides a very interesting NameSafe service to protect your domain from theft. ➦ Visit site.

There are no bulletproof domains as a fact, it is possible to use the Chinese registrars of course, but it just increases the lifetime of the domain and that’s not a fact.

Recommendations for setting up a PBN

When creating a network of private sites for promotion, it is important to eliminate the possibility of identifying ownership of the sites or their connection to each other. For this purpose we recommend the following:

  • Use different registrars and different contact information of administrators of domains (list above);
  • Register domains or drops not on the same day, but at certain intervals;
  • Place sites on different hosting sites;
  • Use different CMS, preferably in PBN observe proportion between most popular engines characteristic for all Internet;

SSL Certificate Authorities

The Regery service allows you to get a Regery Free SSL and Sectigo SSL certificate for FREE, valid for 90 days. Certificate is for testing technical infrastructure before you buy a commercial SSL Certificate. It will be issued within SEVERAL MINUTES. Wide range of brands of paid SSL certificates: Symantec, Thawte, Sectigo, GeoTrust, RapidSSL.

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