What kind of hosting to choose in 2021?

With the development of the Internet, business is moving from offline to online. Because of these striking changes, it is now hard to imagine a company that would not have its own website. An important part in creating a resource plays not only programming, but also hosting.

Hosting is a service to provide resources for placing your site on a server that always has access to the Internet. At the moment, users are offered 4 hosting options:

  1. Shared hosting: the most convenient, easy and cheapest option for standard tasks: online store, information, entertainment or news sites, business card sites.
  2. Virtual private server (VPS/VDS): for non-standard tasks that can not solve the service virtual hosting, such as a heavily loaded online store, application server.
  3. Cloud: by and large the same as VPS, the difference is a floating payment model and a number of restrictions in administration. Used, for example, by developers of computer programs, games.
  4. Dedicated server: considered by many to be the most productive option, but definitely the most expensive rental option. The company-hoster in this case is only responsible for the technical part of the server, that is, for uninterrupted supply of electricity. I think, with rare exceptions, the service is outdated, if possible, give preference to a VPS or cloud solution.