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Aeza is ideal for tasks such as website hosting, VPN or project development. Advantages: balanced price, hourly rate option (from €0.02/hour), chat support, anti-DDoS protection (WAF), easy backups, IPv6. Click on the link to get 15% discount.

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Aeza is a new generation cloud hosting provider. The company’s development strategy is based on an individual approach to each client with the expectation of long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. The provider offers its users rental services of dedicated and virtual servers, including virtual servers of increased capacity, suitable for complex projects, as well as a number of additional services: domain registration and web-protection, which allows to increase the security of corporate websites at a democratic price. There is a Bug Bounty program, under the terms of which rewards are offered for found vulnerabilities.

Cloud servers with basic DDoS protection at a balanced price based on AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor with NVMe drives and shared vCPU. Ideal for tasks such as website hosting, VPN or project development. State-of-the-art hardware and fast communication channels. Only the latest hardware is used. Each node is connected to the Internet at a minimum speed of 2×10Gbps and has a direct connection to the largest providers.

Access to the functionality is managed in a personal account on the provider’s website, if necessary it can be automated using REST API – documentation is provided. There is a detailed “Knowledge Base” containing materials covering all aspects of working with the service, including in video format.

Free servers on Linux and Windows are now a reality, explore the new Termintator platform from host AÉZA.

Hourly billing and test period

With Aeza you can host projects of any size at any time of day, all services are activated automatically within a minute, in any quantity, and you can pay by the hour (from €0.02/hour). If you no longer need the server, you can easily delete it and order another one in one click. Real cloud.

There is no test period, as AÉZA has an hourly fee available, which allows you to order a server for a couple of hours and see if it suits your needs. For legal entities, a test balance is available for long-term testing. To get it, create a request to tech support from your personal cabinet.

What is the difference between Shared and Dedicated plans?

Shared plans use shared vCPUs, which means they have lower performance. These are great for development tests, a small website, or a VPN. Dedicated plans have a full physical core and RAM Cache, they are ideal for high load applications: 1C, Bitrix, game servers and more. All Dedicated line tariffs have guaranteed dedicated resources, Shared line tariffs have guaranteed RAM and storage capacity, cores are shared. KVM virtualization is used for all cloud servers, so each server is completely isolated from the others. You get full access to the system kernel and firewall. All cloud servers use KVM virtualization, so that each server is completely isolated from the others. You get full access to the system kernel and firewall.

All servers are allocated ipv6 /48 subnet. Nested virtualization is disabled.

If you pay for a period of 3 to 12 months, discounts of 5-12% of the tariff cost are available. Click on the link to get 15% discount.

Anti DDoS: WAF Web Protection for sites

One of the few providers providing DDoS protection by default for all tariffs. Protection against attack on OSI L3-L7 models, works permanently, suitable for gaming and beyond, no additional costs. Aéza Web Protection is a heavy-duty proxy server that allows you to fully filter any number of incoming requests to your site and guarantees 97% to 100% SLA availability. To purchase WAF protection, you will need to go to the Protection page.

Waf protection antiddos aeza.

Where are the data centres of AÉZA hosting provider?

The company’s equipment is located in Tier 3 and 99.9% SLA 99.9% certified data centres located in 6 countries. Reduced latency due to connection to two traffic exchange points – Data-IX and Piter-IX. The equipment is installed in the Interxion DC (reliable ddos protection against combahton, activated by attacks up to 2 tbps) for the locations Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden. For Finland location Hetzner DC is used (reliable ddos protection against combahton, activated by attacks up to 600 gbps), and for Russia ММТС-9  with reliable ddos protection against stormwall, active in constant mode (up to 2 tbps).

Contacts AÉZA (Aeza)

  • Website:
  • Founded: 17 June 2021
  • Website Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Support language: English, Russian

Central office: 196084, St. Petersburg, 97, Moskovsky Ave. 27-Н

Technical support contact information

Round-the-clock technical support quickly answers questions that arise.

  • phone: 8 800 200-60-13, Ticket System, Telegram
  • email:
  • social networks: Telegram, Vkontakte.


  • Position: General Director
  • Full name: Penzev Arseny Alexandrovich

Company’s branches:

Number of staff:

Payments: Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Russian cards), Tinkoff Pay, Yandex Pay, SteamPay, QIWI, YouMoney, Perfect Money and a large selection of cryptocurrencies (USDT TRC20, Bitcoin and others).

Clients: “Aeza Group” – a modern cloud hosting provider meets not only the needs of most customers, but also treat each user as an individual event scenario, not as a consumable item.

Dmytro Yakovenko

Additional information

Data centers:

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