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FourServer (4VPS) offers an extensive selection of over 26 locations for VPS ordering. Flexible rates with the ability to rent VPS both hourly and daily. Virtual website hosting in 3 locations Netherlands, Russia, USA.



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4vps FourServer main page.

4VPS is a relatively young service (started in 2017), but has achieved impressive results, offering website hosting and virtual server rental services.
Among the features of this service:

  • Great choice of locations. Users are offered VPS in 21 data centers in 18 countries. Available locations in Europe, USA, Africa, Hong Kong, etc.
  • High rates of reliability and availability of the proposed servers. The average Uptime (all locations) for the last 90 days is typically not lower than 99.965% – a very good result.
  • API for service integration with your websites and information systems. With it you can manage services and servers without going to provider’s site.
  • Proprietary Telegram bot. Through it FourServer customers can quickly order a server and perform other actions.

Hosting prices and services

For each location, there are several variants of ready-to-use configurations: you can choose the solution that suits your specific needs.

VPS hourly and daily rental rates are available. This is a great alternative to a trial period and can be beneficial and useful especially when you need a VPS for a part month or for temporary needs.

Renting a virtual server by the day or by the hour allows you the flexibility to use VPS resources according to your needs. You only pay for the actual time of use. It is a cost-effective option which provides maximum flexibility in using VPS. You can find out the prices for these rates in your account settings, there are none on the website.

The company also offers dedicated (Dedicated) physical servers. You can choose a ready-made configuration or adjust some parameters for yourself (depending on the server, you can choose the size of RAM, as well as the type and size of the disk).

  • Web-site hosting with instant activation and unlimited traffic.
  • Domain Registration. For a choice it is accessible the huge quantity of domain zones: more than 180.
  • Lease of IPv4 and/or IPv6 networks.

Where are the data centers with 4VPS servers located

4vps FourServer map location of data centers.

Infrastructure (physical servers, network equipment) is located in different countries, including Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, USA, Canada, Spain, UAE, UK, France, Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Latvia and Lithuania. That allows to provide global availability of our services and the choice of optimal server location for our customers.

Hoster provides page Uptime of their servers, which shows the quality time 99.788% (at the time of writing the review), which is not bad!

New location in Latvia, Norway, Ireland and Denmark from July 2023. All VPS orders run on powerful 2xE5-2xE5-2697Av4 processor for high performance. Fast NVMe disks and 2Gbit/s network bandwidth. All VPS are provided with basic L3/L4 DDoS attack protection. Geo Belgium is open in August 2023.

New location in Turkey, Istanbul from October 2023: 2Gbit/s speed, basic DDoS protection, powerful 2xE5-2699v4 processors, fast NVMe drives.

The new location in Poland is open from November 2023 with powerful 2xE5-2697Av4 processors providing high performance. Fast NVMe disks and 2Gbit/s Internet connection are used to ensure maximum speed. Additionally, basic DDoS protection is included!

Contacts 4VPS

  • Website: 4vps.su
  • Founded: 2017
  • Website Language: English, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Finnish, Dutch

Support language: English, Russian

Central office:

  • 2999059, Sevastopol, Mayachnaya st., 13

Contact Information:

  • phone: 8(800)777-06-27, communication via Live chat or Ticket System
  • email: support@4vps.su, abuse@4vps.su
  • social networks: Telegram, Vkontakte.


Company’s branches: no

Number of staff:

Payments: Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Russian cards, Maestro), Payeer, ApplePay, Samsung pay, WebMoney, payments from accounts of Russian mobile operators, several cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB.

Clients: The number of client active servers (VPS) on the company’s service exceeds 2,600.

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