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Multilogin, in all plans, provides a resident proxy with 5 GB of free proxy traffic. Thanks to the region and city bindings and reliable 24-hour sticky sessions, you will be able to use several profiles simultaneously without any risks.



The use of secure and anonymous browsers can significantly reduce the risks of fraud and help users protect their personal data and financial assets. Browsers such as Multilogin can protect users’ personal information, preventing it from being leaked and used by fraudsters.

Multilogin was created in 2015, making it one of the oldest antidetect browsers. Multilogin positions itself as a premium service. The starting price is 99 euros/month. Payment methods Credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrencies. There is no trial period.

Overview of the main features of Multilogin

The anti-detect browser simulates different virtual devices and assigns different profiles to them. Unique fingerprints are based on computer data: cookies, location (GEO), OS type, keyboard layout. This information is read by the sites you visit and can be banned if it is the same for different accounts. To avoid blocking, Multilogin creates a separate storage for each profile. Thus, the information of a new account is stored in a separate environment. The data is isolated (individual browser fingerprint, cache, cookies) and cannot be moved.

  • Browser profile management. Synchronize profiles between all team members, storing information in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers or locally. Each profile has its own unique configuration, including extensions, cookies, browsing history, and device fingerprints.
  • Proxy usage. Provides a resident proxy with 5 GB of free proxy traffic, but you can also connect third-party proxies.
  • Task Automation. Multilogin can be used to automate tasks such as logging into accounts, filling out forms, and posting to social media. It integrates well with Puppeteer and Selenium libraries.
  • Privacy Protection. Multilogin blocks tracking scripts, cookies and block ads, allowing you to open web pages anonymously and at a faster speed. You can easily delete cookies, browsing history, and other data from each profile.
  • Extensions. Multilogin supports Chrome extensions, allowing you to add additional features to your profiles.

How to download Multilogin anti-detect browser and get started

Technical support Multilogin works in the form of chat or mail correspondence.

The browser can be downloaded from the official website after registration. The program is Russified and supports Windows, Linux and MacOS. The Multilogin program does not have a trial period. Therefore, you need to pay for one of the packages first.

How much Multilogin browser costs

Multilogin uses a subscription-based pricing model. If you sign up for an annual subscription, you will receive a 25% discount. Below are the rates for monthly payment. Multilogin proxy for 5 GB of resident proxies is available with any subscription.

  1. SOLO: 99 euros/month, without teamwork and automation. 100 browser profiles available. 24/7 customer support via email and chat.
  2. TEAM: 199 euros/month, team features, automation. 300 browser profiles at your disposal. 3 team members.
  3. SCALE: 399 euros/month, team functions, automation. 1000 browser profiles. The tariff is for 7 team members.
  4. CUSTOM: You can also get customized terms if you need more resources. To do this, write to technical support.

Analogues of the Multilogin browser

It is important to note that an anti-detect browser is not a guarantee of anonymity or security. When using it, it is important to take steps to protect your privacy,

such as using strong passwords and avoiding questionable sites. Besides Multilogin, there are other browsers that also allow you to remain anonymous and use different profiles. The main ones are:

  • Dolphin {anty}
  • Undetectable
  • MoreLogin

See the full list of such browsers in the article Top 4 Best Anti-detect Browsers (Free & Paid).

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