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AdsPower is an antidetect browser for managing multiple accounts with maximum anonymity protection online, prevents bans on your accounts.



AdsPower is one of the top 4 best anti-detect browsers. AdsPower offers a choice of browsers based on Chromium and Firefox for more privacy. Sun Browser is based on the Chromium engine with additional browser fingerprint management features. Unlike Chrome, Sun Browser does not send user information to Google, making it an ideal browser for dealing with Google accounts without revealing your real settings. Flower Browser is based on the Firefox engine and does a better job of handling the browser’s additional fingerprint management features.

Promo code DIEGINFO when registering a new user, provides:

  • 10% off first month’s payment/ for the first quarter payment
  • 15% – semi-annual payment
  • 25% – annual payment
Dmytro Yakovenko


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