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AlexHost European bulletproof offshore hosting with its own data center. Hosting with DMCA ignoring. Protection against DDoS attacks at 500+ Gbps.

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Alexhost main page.

AlexHost is a Moldovan offshore hosting company with its own data center in Chisinau (Moldova). Services: virtual hosting, VPS/VDS rental, dedicated server, server hosting, domain registration, SSL certificates, VPN. Client sites are provided with Anti-Dos protection from Voxility. Many hosting processes are automated, which guarantee high performance, flexibility and exclude “human factor”.

What is an Offshore Hosting for and its benefits?

Offshore hosting is a type of hosting service that allows people to host their websites, applications and data in countries with less stringent privacy laws. It offers users the ability to manage their websites without worrying about government censorship or other restrictions. In addition, hosting abroad can provide greater security and privacy for sensitive data. AlexHost offers services such as DMCA Ignored VPS, DMCA Ignored Hosting, and more. Offshore hosting services are available in the Netherlands or Moldova. Protect yourself and your data from third parties with offshore hosting.

Where AlexHost servers are located

All S.R.L. AlexHost equipment is stored in AlexHost’s own data centre located in the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau) in a bomb shelter of a former military factory (5 metres underground).  The DC has three independent connections from three companies: 10 Gbit/s each and the total bandwidth is currently 30 Gbit/s (the bandwidth is constantly expanding to meet the needs of the customers). Anti-Dos attacks at up to 1 terabit per second! Anti-Dos protection is provided by Voxility, enabled via a direct optical link to the Voxility data centre in Romania.

In 2023 AlexHost expanded its GEO and started offering hosting services, VPS in the Netherlands at Serverius DC.

Alexhost map datacenters.

AlexHost tariffs

If you order VPS server for 3, 6 or 12 months, you get a discount of 10% to 75% depending on the hosting plan. The cost of hosting depends on the billing period, the longer the billing period, the lower the price for hosting.

Shared HostingVPS / VDSDedicated servers
  • PROMO Basic Hosting: Price 0.77€/мес. | Sites: 5 | Disk space: 1 GB SSD | Databases: 5  | Control Panel: Cpanel | Details
  • PROMO Advanced Hosting: Price 2.50€/мес. | Sites: 20 | Disk space: 5 GB SSD | Databases: 20  | Control Panel: Cpanel | Details
  • PROMO Expert Hosting: Price 5.83€/мес. | Sites: unlimited | Disk space: 10 GB SSD | Databases: unlimited  | Control Panel: Cpanel | Details

Litespeed Shared Hosting

  • LS Mini: Price 5.90€/мес. | Sites: 5 | Disk space: 8 GB NVMe | Databases: 5  | Control Panel: Cpanel included + LiteSpeed | Details
  • LS Medium: Price 8.90€/мес. | Sites: 10 | Disk space: 15 GB NVMe | Databases: 10  | Control Panel: Cpanel included + LiteSpeed | Details
  • LS Large: Price 5.90€/мес. | Sites: 25 | Disk space: 25 GB NVMe | Databases: 25  | Control Panel: Cpanel included + LiteSpeed | Details

For all tariff plans:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Free protection from DDoS attacks
The difference between a Managed VPS and an Unmanaged VPS is that a Managed VPS is managed by a professional and technical team that will install, configure and optimize your VPS. When you buy an Unmanaged VPS, you are the only one who will manage and configure it.

If you order VPS server for 3, 6 or 12 months, you get a discount from 10% to 75% depending on the hosting plan.

Unmanaged VPS:

  • Price 4.00 €/мес | Core CPU: 1 | RAM: 1536 MB | Disk space: SSD 10 GB | Details
  • Price 10.00 €/мес (the most popular 60 euros per year) | Core CPU: 2 | RAM: 4096 MB | Disk space: SSD 40 GB | Details
  • Price 16.00 €/мес | Core CPU: 4 | RAM: 8192 MB | Disk space: SSD 80 GB | Details

Managed VPS VIP

  • Price 10.00 €/мес | Core CPU: 1 | RAM: 1024 MB | Disk space: SSD 10 GB | Details
  • Price 20.00 €/мес | Core CPU: 1 | RAM: 1024 MB | Disk space: SSD 25 GB | Details
  • Price 30.00 €/мес | Core CPU: 2 | RAM: 2048 MB | Disk space: SSD 40 GB | Details
  • Price 40.00 €/мес | Core CPU: 4 | RAM: 4096 MB | Disk space: SSD 60 GB | Details
  • Price 55.00 €/мес | Core CPU: 6 | RAM: 6144 MB | Disk space: SSD 100 GB | Details
  • Price 70.00 €/мес | Core CPU: 8 | RAM: 8192 MB | Disk space: SSD 150 GB | Details

For all tariff plans:

  • IP address: 1 IPv4 + IPv6
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • Unlimited traffic
  • VPS connected to the channel 100 MBps, increase is possible by agreement.
Price for a dedicated server starts from 26.40 euros per month for configuration with Intel DualCore CPU DDR3 RAM 4 GB.

AlexHost dedicated servers are located in the location Moldova, detailed configuration see on the hosting site.

Fast free DNS

Free DNS is a system that signifies a key role in the functioning of the Internet. Its purpose is to convert human-readable domain names, such as, into numeric IP addresses, which are used by computers and networks to identify each other online.

Contacts AlexHost

  • Website:
  • Company: Alexhost S.R.L. – registered in Moldova
  • Founded: 2008
  • Website Language: English, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Support language: English, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian

Central office:

  • country: Moldova
  • city: Chisinau 2060
  • address: street C. Brancusi nr. 3

Contact Information:


  • Position: Technical Director
  • Full name: Alexandru Scutaru

Number of staff: 10+

Payments: Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, WebMoney, Google Pay, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Wise, Monero, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Elrond, EGold, Utrust, Токен, DashCoin, USDT, Tether.

Clients: We are not looking for profit, our goal is quality service, affordable prices and high performance. As of July 1, 2023 AlexHost has 7156 active clients.

The data are taken from public sources. The project is not responsible for the accuracy of the published data.

Dmytro Yakovenko

Additional information



Data centers:

, , ,

IPv6 support


Test period:

No, 30-day money-back guarantee

Price range:

$0.81 — 6.14

Web server:

LiteSpeed (LSWS)

11 reviews for AlexHost Review (Ignores DMCA)

  1. Anayat Ullah

    Very bad service, they suspend server without any warning, and not active again, also not giving data.
    all data lose of my server because they not active server.
    Note: Before purchase we discuss with this support and support ask we are not suspend server with out warning.

  2. Victoria

    The hosting company ignores DMCA requests in favor of profiting from illegal activities. It supports adding and maintaining illegal and private videos and making money from it.

  3. roy miller

    I filed a lawsuit against AlexHost for ignoring DMCA requests; I am sure I will WIN this lawsuit because they pride themselves on conducting Illegal activities. They think they are untouchable but will soon find themselves scrambling for solutions after injunctions are entered against them. Customers, beware, you might be out of some money if essential services are blocked due to requests and court orders that they have yet even to know to exist.

  4. kim asyifa

    well in my contery server is fast load, and customer service is good, i recommended for this vps cheap and fast for asian host

  5. Adamo

    darkfire – I see you didn’t understood my review. The sending of emails is not a problem. Receiving emails is. Their webmail do not receive any email!

    • darkfire

      I know the general principles of proper mail server operation. You buy a VPS and a real ip. And all your further activities are related to the fact that your ip did not get banned.

  6. Adamo

    Alexhost has to be the worst hosting company I ever used or heard of, they were unable to maintain even the basic functions of the web hosting. My webmail simply stooped receiving emails, This happened two times, and the second time I had to change the hosting company all together, which resulted in even more down time for my website and business. My webmail was out of service 4 days out of 7.

    First time when the problem appeared they fixed it after two days. But not before trying to convince me that I have to upgrade to a dedicated server because for shared hosting they do not offer an option to change the IP or server. Even so this had nothing to do with me, the email just stooped receiving emails all of a sudden, no changes were made to the website code or hosting settings. The webmail only used 1% of the allocated space.

    Second time the problem reappeared only after 4 days after they fixed it. This time they changed their strategy and tried to convince me the problem doesn’t exist, is not real. After I proved them the problem is still very real, they said, and I quote ” unfortunately microsoft blocks our ips, because of this you cannot receive/send email to hotmail/outlook addresses. ” after this just stooped answering all together. I was left there expecting their answer while my webmail was still down.

    If you care about your mental health and your business, please do yourself a favor and AVOID ALEXHOST AT ALL COSTS.

    Is a shame that this type of services even exist.

    • darkfire

      I will assume that you have bought shared hosting. This is a problem for everyone. If you need to send out more than just technical emails, you should buy a VPS with a clean IP.

  7. Thủy Ngô

    I have been using Alexhost for more than a year and they have never laid me down. I refer all my clients and ask them to leave their existing hosting provider and sign up with Alexhost and till now not even a single client has complained about the service of Alexhost. I will continue to refer all my Web Development clients to Alexhost.

  8. Bupe

    I have been using Alexhost for about six months and I am amazed with the level of support they provide. The support is always very quick, professional and accurate.

    Some providers will bounce a customer between different teams if the issue covers multiple areas. At Alexhost this is seamless which makes my job so much easier.

    I have used multiple providers and Alexhost is by far the best when it comes to ensuring their customers are happy and productive.

  9. Daniel Camporro

    When I have a problem, I always contact AlexHost Tech Support. They respond within seconds, get accurate data, and solve all problems related to their products and services.

  10. FreelancAl

    Richard Alexhost Amazing? 🙂
    Servers have constant problems, lag and are really lame.

    Was also an Alexhost fan but never again

  11. Richard Marcherli

    Amazing and Great hosting provider which are offshore hosting and with own datacenter.
    Their prices are very very cheap, I was thinking that was not real, but in fact it is real and legit company.

    Servers are good if you are skilled and you know what you are doing, it is good.
    The only cons is obviously their network, not more than that, but quite acceptable based in Moldova

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