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Fast ➦ Turbo VPN with unlimited traffic, available on all popular platforms, including mobile. Free plan for a single device. Subscription price: from $4.17 to $11.99. Visit site ➦ Turbo VPN



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Turbo VPN is a free unlimited VPN service with hundreds of millions of downloads through Google Play/AppStore and a very decent rating of 4.6 stars. The most popular VPN service in the world is, of course, because it’s free, but the user pays for it by watching ads (but not in the PC version).

Turbo VPN has a simple interface for the Windows client, which includes the ability to choose one of eight VPN-servers located around the world, a button connection, and the choice of one of the four interface languages (including Russian and Ukrainian). There’s absolutely nothing else – no settings or related information. The mobile clients are not very functional either, but they have a larger set of settings and additional features. Visit site ➦ Turbo VPN


The choice of different VPN, proxy options on the market is very wide, for brevity, our team has summarized all the significant or popular providers in one article TOP of the best VPNs, proxy services, for the best use of anti-detect browsers. In it, we divided providers into 3 categories: pure VPN solutions, Proxy solutions and hosting providers that provide a VPN or proxy in addition to hosting.

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