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WordPress Security Guide – Step by Step

Защита wordpress

Step-by-step instructions for setting up WordPress security. WordPress is so widespread that more and more developers are creating ready-made themes and plugins for it. While most of them make your site easier to use and extend its functionality, some may hide viruses or open the door for hackers. This article will help minimize the risk of your site being hacked and teach you to be prepared for any situation.

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NordVPN – Double protection with double VPN

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NordVPN offers a choice of servers that allow you to optimise overall performance. Connect up to 6 devices at the same time. If you participate in torrents and P2P file sharing, they have servers designed for such large exchanges . Subscription price: from $3.29 to $11.99.

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Surfshark – no device limit

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➦ Surfshark is a new player in the VPN market, but its capabilities are amazing: split-tunneling, VPN chaining, ad blocking, link blocking are supported. It is the best choice for online gaming and video conferencing. You can connect an UNLIMITED number of devices to Surfshark within one subscription! Surfshark is preferred by those who need a budget-friendly, fast, reliable and long-lasting VPN service. Subscription price: from €2.10 to €11.81. Visit site (82% off VPN deal + 2 months FREE) ➦ Surfshark Continue reading Surfshark – no device limit