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Devrims is a scalable managed cloud hosting service.



Devrims – provides fully managed cloud servers, backed by trusted IaaS partners such as Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean, for improved performance and security. In addition, customers get multiple server-level caching technologies, SSD storage, dedicated cloud servers, free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt, SSH/SFTP security to prevent any security threats, hosting for unlimited domains, and more.

Devrims has two pricing structures: monthly and hourly. Monthly hosting plans start at $10.95 and go up to $1,712.58 per month for Digital Ocean servers. If you prefer an hourly plan, the price starts at $0.015 and goes up to $2.346 per hour for monthly fees. If you’re a regular user and not a super user, you can use their GL plan, which costs $43.80 per month. It costs $43.80 per month or $0.060 per hour. It includes 4GB of RAM, two virtual CPUs, 95GB of storage, and a bandwidth limit of four TB.

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  • Company: Devrims Inc – registered in the USA
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  • Website Language: English

Support language: English

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  • адрес: office 1942 Blair Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705, USA

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Payments: Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, Union Pay.


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