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PrivateAlps is a premium hosting service focused on privacy. Services: servers with disk encryption (your data is protected). Offshore hosting in Switzerland – completely ignores DMCA. Abusive hosting. ChatGPT is available. Offshore VPS stations with pre-installed Parrot Security and Kali Linux. Lifetime 10% discount on the first ordered service (Lifehack: order several services at once!!!) when registering a new client.



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PrivateAlps main page.Swiss jurisdiction: Switzerland’s strict privacy laws make it an ideal choice for individuals and companies in need of data protection.

PrivateAlps Services

All equipment is located in Switzerland. DMCA is completely ignored on all plans except shared hosting. KVM and VNC are available for use on both HP dedicated servers and virtual servers.

  • Cloud Backup Service: As part of this service, you will need to specify what data you need to copy. If you need this information, you will be provided with a copy.
  • Linux Virtual Server (KVM): Completely ignored by Dmca. 1 dedicated IPv4 address, Full disk encryption available. Nested virtualization support (Nested virtualization). Free DDoS protection service. Reinstall the OS at any time. Dedicated CPU and RAM resources. ➡️ See pricing
  • Windows Virtual Server (KVM): Trial license is installed by default, but you can purchase a Windows license.
  • Virtual hosting: No domain, you have to buy it yourself. Cpanel (PHP versions can be switched). Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates (HTTPS). Free basic DDoS protection service. Application installer for popular software available. ➡️ See pricing
  • Tor Hosting: Allows you to host your sites on the Tor network. Manage everything through aaPanel control panel interface and a unique .onion domain. Fully anonymous access via Tor.
  • Linux VPS NVMe. Ultra fast VPS with NVME disk for optimal performance, provides exceptional performance for your website or application. Price from 15 € / month.
  • VPN service for only 5 € / month: 1.5 Gbps speed, DNSCrypt and TOR support, P2P allowed (DMCA ignored), no VPN usage logs. Read below how to use PrivateAlps VPN.
  • VPS stations Parrot Security and Kali Linux for penetration testing (pentest) ➡️ See pricing
  • Mid End Servers. Price from 130 €/month.
  • High End Servers. Price from 299 € / month.
  • Streaming Servers. Price from 250 € / month.
  • Raised End Servers. Price from 559 € / month
  • 40GBPS Servers. Price from 3699 € / month.
  • 100GBPS Servers. Price 8999 € / month
  • Linux Storage VPS. SAN disk size [GB]: 5000GB. Bandwidth limit [TB] : 20 TB. IPv4 addresses: 1. Price : 65 € / month

How to order and use PrivateAlps VPN

Characteristics of VPN from PrivateAlps: Price 5 € / month. 10G SFP+ 10G shared port limited to 1.5 Gbps. Support for DNSCrypt to encrypt DNS traffic, TOR networks, Stunnel and Obfsproxy to bypass firewalls.

➡️ After ordering VPN, you receive a letter with accesses (important! these accesses are not stored anywhere else, not even in your personal cabinet). The letter contains login and password, as well as a link to the archive with two configuration files (Important! the link to the archive is available only for 24 hours). There are 2 .ovpn files in the archive, i.e. standard OpenVPN client connection files. What is the difference between these 2 files, you may ask, they differ only in their support of UDP or TCP protocols. The file whose name includes the word “Wire” is configured to support UDP. The UDP protocol is faster, so use it.

As standard, import the configuration file into your OpenVPN client. After clicking the connect button, you will be prompted to enter your username and password from the email. You will be allocated a permanent VPN IP, which is defined as Zurich Switzerland.

Minuses of the VPN. You will not be able to install this VPN on the router. As it requires login and password when connecting. I tested on the router Keenetic Sprinter (KN-3710) with the latest firmware
3.9.8 to connect failed, because the router does not support login and password, and supports in the OpenVPN client access only by key.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact PrivateAlps tech support via the ticket system in your personal cabinet.

How to order and use Tor Hosting

Characteristics of Tor Hidden Hosting: unlimited traffic, management via aaPanel hosting control panel. The number of domain names in the .onion zone depends on the selected tariff. Fully anonymous access via Tor.

For testing I ordered aaPanel with Nginx. In my opinion Nginx + PHP-FPM is the optimal choice for sites based on popular CMS WordPress, DLE. ➡️ After ordering the service TOR Hosting, you get a letter with access to the mail. And if you are a beginner, then you realize that something is wrong:) You will not be able to use these accesses if you have not installed TOR browser. To get access to the purchased hosting, you can only through the Tor browser.

Get used to using software safely! In the case of the Tor browser, you run a reliable VPN first and then the Tor browser, so that your home ISP doesn’t see that you are using TOR networks. In our case, using a VPN is optional.

So, installed and started the TOR browser. There are 2 onion links in the email: one is your domain for the site, the other is a link to access aaPanel. Next step you need to add the domain you got as a new website to aaPanel without pressing ssl. Now you can use the domain for your website, what’s left is to upload the files or install WordPress. Here I will not describe how to use aaPanel, everything is intuitive there. Done!

If you carefully read the email with accesses, they also sent you a Root password. But it doesn’t work, when you try to use it, you see some strange signs.
aaPanel tor settings.
This display is due to the security settings of the Tor browser itself. To make the terminal output correct, you need to click the image logo in the address bar of the Tor browser and click “Allow”. Tor will display the text in the normal mode.

Review of Parrot Security and Kali Linux offshore VPS stations

PrivateAlps offers offshore VPS stations with Parrot Security and Kali Linux operating systems pre-installed, targeting cybersecurity professionals, ethical hackers, researchers and other users who require a secure and anonymous environment in which to work. VPS stations are suitable for performing in-depth security analyses, providing security services to clients, conducting penetration tests, developing and testing applications for vulnerabilities, and for internal audits and compliance checks. VPS stations are suitable for secure application development and testing.

Key features:

  • No KYC, anonymity, no logs: PrivateAlps does not require a KYC (‘Know Your Customer’) process, which ensures user anonymity. VPS stations do not keep activity logs, which provides additional privacy.
  • Instant Deployment: VPS stations are deployed in one click, allowing you to get up and running quickly.
  • Customisable Workstations: Users can configure their VPS stations to meet specific project requirements using flexible configurations and dedicated resources.
  • Global access: VPS stations can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Scalability: VPS stations can be easily scaled as your security needs grow.
  • Reliable Support: PrivateAlps offers 24/7 support to help users with any issues.

I recommend PrivateAlps to anyone looking for a secure, anonymous and reliable Parrot Security or Kali Linux offshore VPS station.

Contacts PrivateAlps

  • Website:
  • Company: PrivateAlps Switzerland
  • Founded: 2019
  • Website Language: English, Chinese, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese

Support language: Available in English, German, Swedish and French.

Central office:

Technical support contact information

  • phone: no, communication only via Telegram
  • email: form on the site
  • social networks: Telegram.


Number of staff:

Payments: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, PerfectMoney, if you want to pay in other cryptocurrencies, please contact the administrator from the support section of the site.


Dmytro Yakovenko

Additional information

Data centers:


2 reviews for PrivateAlps Hosting (Fully DMCA Ignored)

  1. Dubriof

    Ordered an High End servers, great performances, and support helped to install my stuff, i highly recommend to use this host ! Great Support + Great Communication

  2. Lucas Manor

    The servers they provided to me are excellent. You really get good quality hardware. Also their support is awesome after ordering my services i had an issue and some questions. They always replied to me with helpful information within an hour.

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