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Test period: 7 days for Shared hosting, for VDS/VPS 30 days cashback. Backup daily, keeps the last 7 copies. Support service 24 hours a day, technical support language: Russian, English. Promocode: 10% first order discount for new customers “WOW2TOP” available through our  link.


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Fozzy is a hosting provider, part of the international XBT holding with its own 4 Terabit network. It has a balanced pricing policy and a lot of interesting offers for core tasks – configured Linux servers, hosting for e-commerce and available CMS and Windows licences.

See the pros and cons of Fozzy, and decide if you should consider this hosting provider for your business. For everyone who wants to test hosting, we have prepared a “WOW2TOP ” promo code with a 10% discount, available through our link.

Buying and renewing domains

The hosting provider is not accredited by ICANN, but is an intermediary for Pananames (IANA ID 1449), which is also honoured by XBT Holding. That means you can legally buy international domains and not be afraid of having your domains stolen. A strong advantage of the provider is price stability. Fozzy promises to keep fixed prices for 10 years and immediately indicates the renewal cost at the time of registration of a new domain, which is convenient. Excluding exchange rate fluctuations, the renewal price is the same as the domain name registration price.

The Fozzy domain shop is not as feature-rich as competitors’ solutions. But it is this simplicity and the availability of sorting by registration and renewal cost that makes it easy to select domain names. I really liked the ability to sort the cost of the domain “from cheap to expensive when renewing”.

Shared Hosting

The hosting provider offers a choice of hosting in data centers in 5 countries – virtual hosting can be ordered on Dell servers in Russia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, USA or Singapore. The configuration of the main and backup server in each data center is immediately displayed when you place an order.

Fozzy virtual hosting is available on servers supporting CloudLinux, which allows to exclude the influence of resource load on the performance of neighboring sites. This ensures stable hosting operations and fast loading of sites. Additionally, the performance is ensured by the limit of 600 users per server and the Smart Traffic Dispatcher system which monitors traffic load and redirects connections to minimize latency.

Another argument in Fozzy’s favor is its own CDN, which speeds up content delivery for users from other countries. CDN is connected on client’s request via a technical support ticket, the service is free and available for any Fozzy tariff plan, including shared hosting. The provider’s CDN will not give much profit for post-Soviet countries, but it will significantly reduce page loading time for users from the USA, Asia, and distant European countries.

Fozzy tariffs

One of the hoster’s advantages is the availability of hosting plans optimised for popular CMS. The provider offers professional support for CMS WordPress, Drupal, ModX, Joomla and 1C-Bitrix. When you order the profile tariff, the site management system is automatically installed on the hosting, which is convenient.

For the comfortable use of the site on WordPress suits tariff “Fast Site” for 2.5 dollars, which offers 7 Gb SSD and 1 CPU core at 2.4 GHz for 1 site with a bandwidth of 1 Gbit / s for the entire server. A choice of cPanel or DirectAdmin is available to manage the shared hosting service.

Fozzy offers dedicated tariff plans for narrow tasks – from the hosting provider’s core services:

  • Windows Hosting – IIS web server based shared hosting and VPS with ASP.NET and MSSQL support for remote operation. Plesk is provided as a control panel for users. An OS licence is already included in the rates.
  • BitrixVM servers – optimized hosting for CMS 1C-Bitrix: Site Management or CRM Bitrix24. Web hosting is optimized for heavy e-commerce resources or a large staff online office.
  • VPS based on Linux – either as a clean system with root access via SSH or as a fully configured server ready to go. KVM virtualization and SolusVM control panel are available for VPS.
  • Forex VPS is a dedicated VPS hosting plan for Forex in the Netherlands with pre-installed FX trading software. Hosting close to the world’s trading floors ensures minimal latency and allows you to quickly capture market movements.

In addition, the hosting provider offers dedicated servers in data centres in Dallas and Amsterdam with free basic administration. By default, dedicated server customers are provided with stable versions of Linux distributions – Windows Servers and ISPmanager 6 or cPanel control panels are optionally available.

Fozzy website builder

The host offers an online website builder that allows you to quickly build a website or an online shop from ready-made blocks and templates. The cost of Fozzy online website builder is $3 per month. In our selection of the best web hosting sites with website builder there are offers cheaper and with more functionality.

The designer supports integration with all popular social networks, a blog for the site, as well as analytics services. Of the features of the website builder, the following stand out:

  • Audio and video player for playing back media uploaded to the hosted site.
  • Ability to download files from any site format.
  • Support for language versions to create multilingual sites.
  • E-shop module with product catalogue and support of payment systems.

Fozzy has the distinct advantage over its competitors of an email newsletter module, which can be configured from the admin panel of the website. The service allows you to send up to 100 emails per day for free, which can replace mailing services for micro and small businesses.

Offers for e-commerce – ready-made shops

In addition to the website builder, Fozzy offers a ready-made online shop based on OpenCart 3 and 1C-Bitrix licences. The OpenCart 3 solution is well grounded for e-commerce and more profitable – further refinement and administration of the shop will cost an order of magnitude less than WordPress Woocommerce and 1C-Bitrix shops. The e-commerce module offers several product window designs and admin panels with the ability to edit templates via program code. The basic functionality of the Fozzy online shop is sufficient to start selling – just fill out the product catalogue and add payment systems. Additional extensions and modifiers are provided for deeper customisation. Using the OpenCart e-commerce module costs $2.5/month, the product is free for the first 7 days.

Fozzy provider also offers optimized hosting for 1C-Bitrix website and CMS licenses. This allows you to buy hosting for your busy online shops immediately with an installed management system. Optimal tariff for hosting on 1C-Bitrix will cost $ 7.5. Thus module ready shop on OpenCart is cheaper and additionally allows you to save on CMS license and cost of further modification by programmers.

Game servers CS:GO, ARK: Survival Evolved, ARMA 3, Minecraft

High-quality game servers, without overselling, for CS:GO, ARK: Survival Evolved, ARMA 3, Minecraft games are offered by Fozzy. Benefits of game hosting: convenient control panel; 3-day money back guarantee; change at any time, no questions asked; Dell enterprise servers; buse the power of our own data center; automatic backup is enabled. Before buying a server, check the location of the game servers, follow this link to the Fozzy website and select the lowest ping to your current location.

Where are the Fozzy servers located

The host is part of the XBT holding company, which has 6 large data centres interconnected into a common network with 4 Terabits of bandwidth. Fozzy data centres are located in the USA, the Netherlands, the RF, Singapore, Luxembourg and the UK. Fozzy servers are reliable and have a stable uptime which is confirmed by SSAE 16 SOC 2, Type II, and Uptime Institute certifications. On average, the downtime of the provider’s servers does not exceed 1 minute per month.

Own Tier 3 data centre in Moscow provides the minimum ping for the European part of Russia – not more than 2-5 ms delay. In this case, modern Dell servers with SSD drives have good performance. It takes no more than 3.3 seconds to process a 2000×2000 px image, and the connected LiteSpeed web servers withstand a larger load than Nginx and Apache 2.4.

  • The European servers are located at Datacenter . com in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Datacenter Luxembourg in Bettambourg, Luxembourg.
  • The U.S. servers are located at Datacenter Colo4 in Dallas, Texas.
  • The Russian servers are located at KIAEHOUSE and DataPro in Moscow.
  • Singapore servers are located in Telin data centre.

Hosting technical support

Fozzy’s support team is available 24/7, and most issues are resolved promptly even during the night. The technical support is answered at least in Russian and English. On average, the response time of technical support through the ticket is 15-20 minutes, through online chat – about 5. Unlike most hosting companies, Fozzy’s support team is available via ticket system to solve any issues, including organizational ones. Fozzy’s support team is relatively loyal and helpful in solving non-trivial issues, for instance, they will mount the ISO image itself if the customer tries to install a non-standard OS on the rented VPS.

The provider doesn’t have a hotline – you can receive detailed advice only via online chat or a ticket, which is not always convenient. The available alternatives are communication via Skype, where you can get help with basic technical issues.

Overall, technical support is one of Fozzy’s strong points. All technical questions are solved quickly. Fozzy also has a well-developed knowledge base on its website and a YouTube channel with tutorial videos in Russian.

Current promotions

Fozzy has quite a few promotional offers to save money on hosting. Of the regular promotions:

  • A gift of a domain in the RU, RF or XYZ zone when you buy hosting for a year or more.
  • A 2 week hosting gift for social media activity – YouTube and Facebook.
  • Bonus of 2 months free hosting for transferring domain to Fozzy registrar – Pananames.
  • Free hosting month if there are no requests for technical support during 1 year.
  • Free month of hosting when transferring your site from another hosting provider.

Promotion bonuses are not given automatically. To take advantage of Fozzy’s bonuses, you must write to the hoster’s tech support.

Pros & Cons Fozzy

Fozzy is one of the brightest examples of good and inexpensive web hosting, which is suitable for almost any task. Its powerful data center in Moscow provides high uptime and low ping of 2 ms in RF, while data centers in Europe and the USA working through their own CDN provide fast connection on the international level. At the same time, the hosting provider has pretty good technical support and a balanced pricing policy.

Among the distinctive advantages of Fozzy:

  • Regular backups – for shared hosting backups are created daily, for VPS – weekly. The hoster keeps the last 4 backups on separate servers, which is convenient.
  • Reliable network – the company is part of the holding XBT with its own network of 4 Terabits + CDN, which provides fast and stable access to the sites.
  • Free CDN. CDN caches the most popular static website content such as images and videos on all its servers in 6 different data centers in Europe and the USA. This way, your site visitor gets the content from the closest server to them, which speeds up the overall speed of the site.
  • Assistance in administration – for $ 16 per month provider offers a team of experts to fully cover the issue of administration. This service is available for all VPS and dedicated server plans.
  • SSL certificates – you can install paid SSL in addition to the free Let’s Encrypt. Fozzy sells Wildcard and EV certificates for individuals and companies.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) – Fozzy uses LiteSpeed instead of Apache + Nginx, which is considered faster than Apache. The LiteSpeed web server is also compatible with Apache.
  • SolusVM is a proven virtual server control panel. Its functionality allows the user to perform basic operations with VPS, start/stop/reinstall the virtual operating system.

In addition to reliable data centers and hosting, Fozzy offers a lot of additional services – a convenient website builder or e-commerce module, clean and configured servers for specialized tasks: online office, Forex, etc.

The main disadvantages of Fozzy:

  • Maximum emphasis on helpdesk assistance – most of the standard actions at Fozzy are performed only by technical support. For example, to get a backup or a gift for shares, you need to write to a ticket, which is not always convenient even with fast helpdesk work.
  • There is no built-in DDoS protection – traffic filtration is provided as an additional service which will cost $35 per 100 GB for 1 account. Fozzy’s competitors have better offers.
  • Refunds for full months only.

Fozzy tries to create a single ecosystem where customers can solve all tasks without leaving the provider’s site. In general, Fozzy is a good option for those who need a good hosting service without administrative problems for long-term projects. The company offers transparent pricing for renewals and uses state-of-the-art servers.

Contacts Fozzy

  • Website: fozzy.com
  • Company: Fozzy Inc. is incorporated in the United States, Delaware.
  • Founded: 01.02.2012
  • Язык сайта: украинский, русский

Support language: English, Russian

Central office:

  • country: USA
  • city: Dallas
  • address: 2777 Stemmons Fwy., Suite 1655

Contact Information:

  • phone: +1 302 504 4377, +1 302 319 9914
  • email: sales@fozzy.com, to contact the owners of the company, use the mailbox partners@fozzy.com
  • social networks: Facebook, VKontakte.


  • Position:
  • Full name:

Company’s branches: no

Number of staff: 16 to 100

Payments: Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, WebMoney.

Clients: Among the holding’s clients are the largest Forex exchanges, payment systems and well-known Internet portals.

The data are taken from public sources. The dieg.info project is not responsible for the accuracy of the published data.

Dmytro Yakovenko

Additional information



Data centers:

, , ,

Professional support CMS:

1C-Bitrix, Drupal, Joomla, MODX, WordPress

Test period:

7 days

IPv6 support

Not in all locations

2 reviews for Web Hosting Fozzy

  1. J.P.

    Really bad customer support, never listen, never provide solutions. Was good some time ago. Hosting is unreliable, frequent crashes of the website.

  2. Killer_ YT

    Very pleased with the hosting, we use about 20 different hosting companies in our work. Fozzy has been in the lead for more than a year by all parameters.

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