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U.S.-based technology company Network Solutions is an experienced domain provider and registrar with 25 years of experience. Network Solutions is an authority on domains and was the first to launch .com, .org, .net and .edu on the Internet back in 1993.

Network Solutions is part of Web.com, with a separate Web site. Web.com is a leading web technology company and one of the largest providers of online marketing services. It has been known since 1999 and in that time has served more than 3 million customers worldwide and manages more than 9 million domain names.


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  • Website: networksolutions.com
  • Company: NETWORK SOLUTIONS®, NETSOL®, NSI® , Web.com U.S.-based company
  • Founded: 1979
  • Website Language: English

Support language: English

Central office:

  • country: U.S.
  • city: FL 32256
  • address: 5335 Gate Pkwy, Jacksonville,

Contact Information:


  • Position: Founder
  • Full name: Emmit J. McHenry

Number of staff:

Payments: Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal.

Clients: We serve both Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs. More than 3 million clients. Manages over 9 million domain names.

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Dmytro Yakovenko

Additional information

Data centers:

Professional support CMS:


Price range:

$3.79 – 40.78

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  1. Terrance

    It is also not too cheap. But the speeds and customer support was worth it.

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