Cloud hosting

Every owner of an application, an online store, a web-site is faced with the question of choosing a company that provides hosting services. The cloud hosting is very popular among all types of hosting. Its main difference from the usual, standard hosting is that the resource is located not on one local server, and in a network of linked virtual or physical cloud servers. This choice guarantees flexibility and the possibility of simple, maximally fast scalability. This means that even if one server fails, another is immediately connected and everything continues to work.

Cloud storage also includes the terms: cloud shared hosting, cloud VPS.

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Benefits of cloud hosting

  1. The site is simultaneously stored on multiple linked servers.
  2. Payment is based on the use of resources. That is, as many resources you will use as you will pay for. Note: this does not mean that cloud hosting is cheaper than regular hosting, just the opposite!

And there are no other differences from conventional hosting in the cloud.

Disadvantages of cloud hosting

  • It is difficult to calculate the cost of cloud hosting in advance.
  • More expensive than VPS.