Tucha Cloud Solutions

  • TuchaKube is a service for providing container infrastructure and CI / CD automation for the construction of high-load IT systems and development management.
  • TuchaFlex + – virtual servers and private networks of any configuration outside of Ukraine (mainly – Germany).
  • TuchaBit – balanced configuration servers for a good price in Ukraine.
  • TuchaBackup is a reliable cloud storage for backups.
  • TuchaHosting is a stable, fast and profitable website and mail hosting with great support.
  • TuchaSync – storage, synchronization and fast exchange of files of any format.


Tucha is the first Ukrainian provider of cloud infrastructure. We have been working since 2012 and have implemented more than 1000 virtualization projects. The company provides virtual servers with flexible configurations, backup hosting services and reliable placement of mail and sites in Ukrainian and foreign datacentres, as well as cloud storage for file synchronization and exchange. And we were the first in Ukraine and one of the first in the world who launched the container infrastructure and automation CI/CD TuchaKube service.



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